Lindsey Graham’s Defense Of Donald Trump Doomed To Fail, Suggests Former Richard Nixon Counsel

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Sen. Lindsey Graham during an event about judicial confirmations in the East Room of the White House.

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Saturday, former White House Counsel John Dean — who served President Richard Nixon — discussed South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s defense of President Donald Trump.

Per Raw Story, Graham recently argued that there is no concrete evidence against Trump, suggesting that the House Democrats’ case for impeachment is based largely on hearsay, which does not hold up in court.

“The trial in the Senate should mirror trials all over America,” Graham argued, “hearsay is not admitted unless there’s a valid exception — in any trial in America.”

According to Graham, nearly all testimonies being used in the impeachment inquiry “violate” the hearsay rule.

According to Dean, Graham will not be able to get the Senate to adopt the rule.

“I don’t think Lindsey has the chops in the Senate to get that rule ever adopted by the Senate for an impeachment trial,” he said.

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