Malicious iPhone Cable Used To Hijack Macs Can Be Purchased For $200

An iPhone X on display at the Apple Omotesando store in Tokyo, Japan.

Most Apple consumers are familiar with the lightning cable, which typically comes packaged with the company’s phones and accessories, including its latest iPhone XS and AirPods with wireless charging case. However, what these customers aren’t accustomed to is being hacked through a modified version of one of these popular cables, but that could possibly change soon.

According to a report from Vice, a security researcher known as MG just showed off a modified version of Apple’s lightning cable that’s capable of hijacking the computers of unsuspecting users and giving the hacker remote access to the device along with all the sensitive information stored on it.

MG made his presentation during the annual Def Con hacking conference, where he offered additional insight on the product, which has been dubbed the O.MG Cable.

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