Microsoft Trolls Apple By Hiring Man Named Mac Book To Promote Surface

A Microsoft Surface device on display at the Microsoft store in London, England.

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to prove to potential customers that its Surface Laptop 2 is far superior to Apple’s current MacBook lineup. In the company’s latest attempt at demonstrating its supremacy, Microsoft released a new promotional video featuring a man named Mac Book to compare the Surface Laptop 2 to Apple’s MacBook Air, according to a report from Business Insider.

During the ad, the man, whose full name is Mackenzie Book (Mac for short), is questioned by a narrator about how he thinks Microsoft’s laptop stacks up against Apple’s. The narrator asked Mac about the battery life of both laptops, the speed of the laptops, and which laptop had the better touchscreen. And of course, Mac picked the Surface each time.

“The Surface has a better touchscreen because it actually has a touch screen,” Mac said with a smirk, before the narrator added his two cents.

“Oh, right, Macs don’t have touchscreens.”

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