Mike Pence May Be ‘Active Participant’ In Ukraine Plot That Set Off Donald Trump Impeachment, Per House Report

Mike Pence and Donald Trump pledge allegiance to the flag.

If Donald Trump is impeached and then removed from office by a Senate trial, Vice President Mike Pence would, under the constitutionally mandated line of succession, immediately assume the office of the president. But according to the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry report issued on Tuesday, Pence is also implicated in the plot to force Ukraine into an investigation of Democrat Joe Biden — the exact offense for which Trump may now be impeached.

The report says that Pence, as well as Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, were “either knowledgeable of or active participants” in the plot to force the Ukraine government into and investigations that would be of “personal political benefits” to Trump.

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