Minnesota Woman Found With 64 Dead Cats And 43 Live Cats In Her Home Sentenced For Animal Cruelty Charges

A judge's gavel on a desk.

A Minnesota woman who claimed to run an animal rescue shelter out of her home has been sentenced to animal cruelty charges after investigators found 64 dead cats and 43 living cats on her property.

As The Associated Press reported, 25-year-old Caycee Bregel pleaded guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty after the animals were found on her property. Investigators found a number of other animals living there, including a 400-pound pig.

Police said Bregel was not caring for the animals and neighbors had called police after they saw the pig running loose. When police arrived, they found a number of cats and dogs in poor health and an “overpowering smell of urine and feces” in the home, court documents showed.

There were also a number of dead cats buried in shallow graves and stuffed into refrigerators and freezers in the home, as well as placed in the garage.

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