Nine Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Aaron’s heartache and Cain’s revenge on Nate

EMMERDALE’S Aaron Dingle goes missing in the woods as he struggles to cope without Robert.

Viewers have watched him struggle to cope after his lover was sent down for life for murdering his sister’s rapist and in an upcoming episode his welfare is set to take a turn for the worse. Here’s the lowdown from the village…

Liv tries to retrace Aaron’s footsteps in Emmerdale

1. Aaron’s heartache

Emmerdale fans watched as Aaron and Robert’s love story came to a tragic end after Robert handed himself into the police.

He had been fleeing from a murder charge for killing Victoria’s rapist Lee Posner, but is now serving a life sentence.

When Robert was told he’d need to move to a prison on the Isle of Wight, he decided to sever all contact from his husband.

In an upcoming episode Aaron will wallow in his sadness and wander off to cry in the woods.

Aaron is struggling to enjoy the festivities without Robert

2. Liv collapses in the woods

When Aaron goes missing Vic, Chas and Liv are concerned for his welfare and split up to find him.

When something catches Liv’s eye, she wanders off to the water’s edge in the eerily quiet woods.

Things aren’t looking great for her as she collapses and has a seizure.

Will someone find her before it’s too late?

Liv collapses alone in the woods in Emmerdale

3. Cain’s revenge on Nate

Cain will go to desperate measures to scare Nate away next week as he tries to groom his own son Kyle to be afraid of him.

Cain can’t stand his long-lost son after he slept with his wife Moira Barton.

But when Nate gets wind that Cain is trying to turn everyone against him, how will he react?

Cain won’t stand for Nate being welcomed by the Dingles in Emmerdale

4. Graham plans to escape

With Kim hot at his heels, Graham knows that the time to make a swift escape will soon be upon him.

Next week, the dark businessman will urge Rhona to accept a job offer in France.

Rhona eventually agrees, and the pair make plans to move abroad with Rhona’s son Leo.

But Emmerdale fans will know that his attempt to leave will be in vain as he’s murdered as he attempts to escape in a dramatic whodunnit plot, leaving Rhona in the lurch.

Graham and Rhona plan to move to France in Emmerdale

5. Kim and Al scheme

Kim tells Al that her scheme is working next week as they get wind of Graham’s plans to move away from Emmerdale.

Kim is desperate to get Graham away from her family to protect Millie from the brooding figure.

But with Graham’s death on the horizon, Kim hardly looks set to get a fresh start.

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Emmerdale’s Kim is delighted Graham is fleeing the village[/caption]

6. Leanna and Jacob bond

Jacob and Leanna have had a tense relationship after he spouted a load of offensive things at her following their moment of passion.

Recent episodes have seen Jacob apologise to her.

Next week, the two teens bond over the panto as they hand out flyers together in fancy dress.

Will the pair patch up their friendship?


Jacob apologised to Leanna after disrespecting her in Emmerdale[/caption]

7. Dawn receives bad news

Dawn is just getting her life back on track and is devastated next week when she gets a call saying she won’t be able to see Lucas over Christmas.

But refusing to give up on her estranged son just yet, she applies for residency again.

Will it go smoothly?

Dawn gets a call saying she won’t be able to see Lucas over Christmas

8. Nate worms his way into the Dingles

Chas tells Cain he should come to Lydia Dingle’s gathering because it’s the “season of goodwill”.

When Cain arrives to see Nat there he’s furious, telling the Dingles to go to hell.

Charity later sticks her oar in and invites Nate to dinner as a way of irritating Cain.

But how will Cain react?

Emmerdale’s Kim stuns everyone when she takes on the villain in the village panto

9. Kim gets involved in the panto

Kim surprises the village when she agrees to get involved in the panto.

It’s pretty unusual for Kim to show any community spirit – could she be trying to turn over a new leaf?

She even accepts the role she’s been given – as the panto villain!

It’s safe to say there’ll be a lot of booing and hissing going on…

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