Nuns Shockingly Accused Of Abuse In Case Reminiscent Of Priests’ Scandal


An unfathomable number of priests across the country have found themselves thrust into the spotlight after being accused of unspeakable crimes involving children.

In Illinois alone, 690 priests have been blamed for abuse against children, a report has shown. But a secret has emerged, thrusting the Catholic church into the criminal lineup again. This time, though, it involves nuns.

CBS News disclosed information about several cases involving nuns accused of the same misconduct as priests. Nikki Battiste with CBS News spoke with several of the female accusers who shared horrifying stories ranging from forceful kissing sessions to molestation.

Trish Cahill was just 15 years old when she shared a deep dark secret with Sister Eileen Shaw, a nun at a convent in New Jersey. Cahill told Sister Shaw how her now-deceased uncle – who happened to be a priest – allegedly sexually abused her beginning at the tender and innocent age of five.

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