Outlander’s Richard Rankin gloriously burns co-star Sam Heughan in sassy Twitter Q&A session

Outlander’s Roger and Jamie are at it again (Picture: Rex)

If there’s one thing we can say about the cast of Outlander it’s that they’ve got serious sass on Twitter, so it will come as no surprise to fans to learn that Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie) found time to burn co-star Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) during a recent Twitter Q&A session.

The Scottish actor was taking part in an #AskRankin Q&A when he was asked if leading man Sam Heughan (who plays his on-screen father in law Jamie Fraser) had been giving him a hard time about anything of late?

Rankin, who enjoys a friendly Twitter spat with his co-workers as much as the rest of us, wasted no time in telling the world that Heughan often gives him a hard time for being ‘slightly more handsome than him’ before tagging Heughan to rub it in just a little.

We’re sure it had absolutely nothing to do with a picture Heughan previously shared on his Instagram stories, which showed Rankin wrapped in a dressing gown and sporting some fetching eye make up for a particularly brutal beating scene in season four.

Heughan was quick to respond with a boxing gloves emoji before joking that Rankin had in fact been sporting his dressing gown.

If they’re sharing clothes we imagine there must indeed be quite a bit of love there. If only Roger and Jamie could be as nice to each other on screen. Jamie had quite the go at his son-in-law (who he believed had raped his daughter, Brianna) before selling him to Native Americans as a slave.

When asked if his face had ever looked as bad as it did in the snap before Rankin assured his fans that the look wasn’t a new one for him.

‘I’m from Glasgow,’ he quipped. ‘My face is like that every third Friday.’

The fun didn’t stop there, though, as he took the Q&A in his stride, delivering more delightfully sassy answers to questions from eager Outlander fans about various aspects of his life – from how he takes his coffee (‘orally’ apparently, ooh matron) to which other character he might consider playing (evil pirate Stephen Bonnet or Brianna, in case you were wondering).

He did make time to give serious answers too, though, standing up for his character Roger, who he believes gets a bit of a raw deal when viewed ‘from a contemporary perspective’.

And he also shared his thoughts on that shocking Roger cliffhanger, which saw his character facing an impossible choice while running from a band of very angry Native Americans.

But it was the sass that made our day, really.

Never change, Richard.

Never change.

Outlander is available to stream on Amazon Prime in the UK with new episodes dropping every Monday.

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