Robbie Williams slams Coleen Rooney’s ‘dangerous need for revenge’ on Rebekah Vardy after WAG drama

ROBBIE Williams has waded straight into the WAG war and slammed Coleen Rooney for playing a “dangerous game” with Rebekah Vardy.

The popstar, 45, called for Coleen to consider her actions and said the “level of shame” caused could be “suicide-causing”.

Robbie Williams has called Coleen Rooney out for her ‘dangerous’ behaviour
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“Let’s say Rebekah was guilty – which we don’t know. How she will feel inside right now is 10 times worse than how Coleen would have felt when those things were happening to her,” he said in an interview with The Telegraph Magazine.

“It’s a dangerous game to play… I understand Coleen’s need for revenge and I probably would have done the same thing but we have to be careful…

“It’s suicide-causing – provoking those levels of shame.”

The pair are yet to patch things up after Coleen turned super-sleuth and accused her pal of spreading gossip about her.

Robbie warned the shame Coleen caused Rebekah Vardy could be ‘suicide-causing’
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What’s more, Coleen had a secret run-in with Rebekah months before hatching her plot to expose the culprit behind her leaked stories.

The 33-year-old had become suspicious of her fellow WAG and blocked Becky, 37, on social media.

And Vardy confronted the wife of Wayne Rooney over the move – telling the Daily Mail: “I sent her a message and asked her: ‘Have I done something, is there a problem here? I seem to be blocked on Instagram.’

The WAGs still haven’t patched things up
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“And she said no, it was probably one of the kids messing about with her phone that had done it. She was completely convincing.”

But the run-in sparked Rooney’s plot.

They told The Mirror: “Coleen was convinced Vardy was to blame, but had to get the evidence first. Blocking her wasn’t going to cut the mustard…she needed proof.”

It comes as:

  • Pals said they feared the pair would ‘never be friends again’
  • Vardy says ‘rowing with Coleen would be arguing with a pigeon’
  • Nicola McLean said Coleen was ‘used to being betrayed’
  • Rebekah’s dad says she ‘only ever had praise for Coleen’
  • Rebekah vows to find mole who ‘leaked’ stories
  • Vardy’s house visited by cops after ‘receiving death threats’
  • Here’s a list of who’s who – and whose side they’re on

The source also claimed Coleen suspected more stories were being leaked about her.

Coleen named Rebekah’s Instagram account as being the only one which was able to view a number of fictitious tales which ended up in the papers.

But 37-year-old wife of Leicester City star Jamie Vardy has insisted it wasn’t her behind the leaks – saying a number of people had access to her account.

She has now vowed to track down the mole who “leaked” stories from Coleen Rooney’s Instagram – but insisted she would never publicly reveal their identity.

Coleen Rooney had become suspicious over the stories published about her, sparking her ‘investigation’
Rebekah Vardy has denied being behind the leaks from Rooney’s Instagram
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A source today told The Sun: “Rebekah is determined to prove her innocence. She’s waiting on the results from the forensic investigation and will prove to Coleen it wasn’t her.”

Fellow WAGs have also waded into the row, with Danielle Lloyd claiming she “wasn’t surprised” about the claims made about Vardy.

Nicola McLean also slammed Coleen Rooney for “outing” her pal Rebekah Vardy and said the WAG is “used to being betrayed”.

Each of the stories provided to The Sun was put to Coleen’s representatives before publication, and on each occasion they declined to comment.

A Sun Spokesperson said: “Like all reputable media organisations, we don’t comment on sources.”


Coleen Rooney unleashed this rant on social media[/caption]


Rebekah Vardy said she was ‘upset’ about the way Rooney had decided to blast her on social media[/caption]

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