S Club 7 in talks to reunite for 20th anniversary after splitting 16 years ago

S CLUB 7 are reportedly in talks to reunite for their 20th anniversary next year.

The group – made up of Rachel Stevens, Jo O’ Meara, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, and Hannah Spearritt – split 16 years ago but are thought to be keen to mark the milestone with an arena tour.

The original line-up: Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh
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A source told Mirror Online: “There is talks in between band members now about doing a reunion arena tour next year.

“A lot of the bandmates are up for it. It’s still early days but they are talking and fans may be in for a treat in 2020.

“It all makes perfect sense for a reunion celebrating 20 years of S Club 7.”

Rachel previously hinted at a reunion after their one in 2015, telling Fabulous Online: “Yeah I would do it again. The reunion tour was brilliant, it was an amazing success and it was so much fun, lovely to be back with everyone.

The band reunited in 2015 but will they again?
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“There’s a lot of nostalgia for S Club, it was such a positive part of my life and we had a real celebration of S Club last time we did it.

“So I definitely wouldn’t say no but everyone’s busy doing their own thing.

“The reunion tour was just brilliant so if it’s something which would happen again then great.”

S Club 7 were hugely successful in the 2000s and split in 2003 after Paul Cattermole quit.

The group even had their own CBBC TV shows based in America.

Since then the members of the group have gone on to the do various other projects with Hannah moving into acting.

Jo, Tina and Bradley formed a small band called SC3, which enjoyed some success touring the country.

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