San Diego Padres Player Ian Kinsler Yells At Home Fans, ‘F*** You! F*** You All!’ After Blasting Home Run

Ian Kinsler celebrates his home run with Eric Hosmer.

San Diego Padres second baseman Ian Kinsler — at age 37 and playing for his fourth team in the last three seasons — has been enduring a tough year at the plate so far. But when he hit a sixth-inning, three-run homer at Petco Park Thursday night, he picked a novel and surprising way to celebrate — by cursing out the Padres’ home fans. Kinsler’s outburst was reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

In video of the home run celebration, Kinsler can be clearly seen shouting, “F*** you! F*** you all!” — which Deadspin described as not being a gesture “that will generally endear you to the people cheering on your dingers.”

Kinsler later denied to The San Diego Union-Tribune that his profanities were directed at Padres fans, saying instead that he meant the words for his teammates. “It’s an inside thing… I was trying to get everyone fired up,” Kinsler claimed.

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