Sherry Tina Uwanawich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sherry Tina Uwanawich, a Roma gypsy from South Florida, was sentenced to federal prison for defrauding a Texas woman out of $1.6 million, what she charged in cash, jewelry, “expensive crystals and candles” and other valuables to remove a curse from the woman and her family, court records show.

Beginning in 2007 and lasting for years, Uwanawich convinced the woman that she was communicating with higher beings and spirits, and warned the victim that if she told anyone, the curse would never be removed.

Uwanawich said she is a witch on her Facebook page.

After more than a year in a federal court in Miami, the case finally ended with Uwanawich found guilty, sentenced to serve 40 months in a federal lock-up and pay $1.6 million in restitution, beginning with a “$100 lump sum payment.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Met in a Texas Mall. Uwanawich Told the Woman She Had a Curse on Her But That as a Psychic with ‘God-Given Powers,’ She Would Remove the Curse by Communicating With the Spirit World

According to the federal indictment, when they met, Uwanawich told the victim, known as V.G. in court documents, that she was a fortune-teller “endowed with God-given powers and able to assist clients suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties,” records show. She told V.G. that while engaged in a m where she communicate with spirits or higher beings,” that V.G. was suffering from a curse. Uwanawich claimed that the original curse had been placed on V.G.s mother, who had died, and after, it was passed on to V.G.

Over the course of “multiple meetings/sessions and interstate telephone conversations over a period of years with the victim,” court records read, Uwanawich told the woman that she’d learned from “spirit guides” that V.G.s entire family was under the curse and it was that curse that was causing V.G.’s turmoil and strife.” The victim was convinced and went along when Uwanawich said she could rid V.G.s and her family’s “bloodline of this curse and restore the victim ‘s life to harmony and balance’.” And for that work to be done, Uwanawich needed “cash” to buy “various expensive materials such as “special candles and crystals.”

Then, it was the jewelry.

2. Uwanawich Told V.G. That Her Jewelry & Other Valuable Personal Property Was Needed to do Her ‘Work’ in Removing The Curse

Known also as Jacklyn Miller, Uwanawich told V.G. that she needed “jewelry and other personal property to work with in the curse removal,” prosecutors said. The jewels were never returned.

The government in its case said Uwanawich “did knowingly and with intent to defraud, devise a scheme and artifice to defraud and to obtain money and property,” and then went further when she demanded wire transfers of cash via Western Union from V.G.s home in Texas to Uwanawich’s South Florida location. She had V.G. put money in an account and supply a debit card for Unanawich to use as needed.

She warned V.G. that if she stopped giving the money and property it would end with Unanawich’s “work becoming undone” and harm would befall V.G. and her family and any loved ones.

V.G. continued to pay. She sued money saved for college, loans, and borrowed and when V.G. inherited money, that too went to Uwanawich.

This went on for more than four years.

Until, a wire fraud case was created against her for the Western Union wire transfers. In 2013, just three transfers totaling $2,000 would be the basis for the case.

“For the purpose of executing the scheme and artifice to defraud, and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and omissions of material fact, knowing that the pretenses, representations, and promises were false and fraudulent when made, did knowingly transmit” Western Union money wire transfers. A federal crime.

She was sentenced on Monday Sept. 9.

3. After Serving Her Time, She’ll be on Supervised Release, Undergo Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment & is Banned From Working as a Medium

According to the court documents, after being released from prison, she’ll be supervised, undergo mental health and substance abuse treatment, is forbidden from applying for credit or loans, be subject to searched by a U.S. Probation Officer, and never consult or be employed as a physic.

And, however unlikely it may seem, must pay on a $1.6 million restitution, records show.

4. Unanawich Went on a Rant on Facebook About Gypsies Getting a Bad Name & Insisting That Gypsy Crime Pales in Comparison to Mass Shootings, Saying she’s ‘Afraid’ of Americans

A month to the day before she was sentenced to serve nearly four years in prison, Unanawich went on a rambling, stream-of-consciousness, little punctuation rant on Facebook about prejudices against gypsies and gypsy crime, which she described as paling in comparison to violent crimes she says are committed by “Americans.”

“Honestly tired of people saying gypsies are scum tramps and thieves. I mean like are gypsies the only people in the world who are tramps or thieves what do you really even know about us? And who do you think you are we are all scum tramps and thieves we are all unworthy of gods love and have done one thing or another wrong in our lives. Gypsies are human people just like you. And we stay to ourselves because we’re afraid of u Americans. I’m mean seriously out of all the people in the world who has murdered or done something despicable in their lives? Gypsies or non gypsies? How many mass murder gypsies do u know?”

She continued:

“But how many gypsies have u heard plant a bomb? Now how many nine gypsies? How many gypsies have u heard make a mass shooting at a school church movie theater event? Now how many nine gypsies? I’ve heard much more discussing things that none gypsies have done then gypsies. How many gypsies u know ever started a war? How many gypsies u know had slaves? Killed millions of people of one race? Genocide? Not many huh? So next time you want to call us unbelievable scum gypsies tramps and thieves look in the mirror and look at the people in your own race first and think about what they did first before you judge my race. Have a nice day.”

5. Unanawich Says She’s From Georgia, Lives in South Florida & is a Witch. On Her Facebook She Appears Lonely & Her Posts Are Both Random & Inexplicable

“I’m a witch duh 😒😇💰🙄”

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