Shopper calls out PrettyLittleThing for selling a bikini that turns see-through in water

Emily wasn’t pleased to buy a bikini she couldn’t actually swim in (Picture: Deadline News)

When you buy some swimwear, you expect to be able to swim in it.

So when Emily Charlton-Smith bought a bikini from PrettyLittleThing, she was pretty shocked to find that it went completely see-through when wet – something she found out too late, while at a pool on holiday in Spain.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram to complain to the brand, but was even more puzzled when a customer service adviser asked her to send a video of herself wearing the bikini to show its transparency.

Emily, from Clapham, was left red-faced and scrambling for cover after her £17 bikini became completely translucent in water.

Screenshots of her conversation with PrettyLittleThing show an adviser, Nowman, asking Emily for the proof of the incident. The message reads:
‘Can you send us video of this so we can see how thin this item has become?’

Emily responds: ‘As in a video of it going see-through when I wear it?’

She was even more puzzled when asked to send a video of herself wearing the bikini (Picture: Deadline News)

An hour later, Nowman disappears from the conversation and a different customer adviser issues a sincere apology for the blunder, writing: ‘I’m so sorry, that was advised wrong, can you send us a photo of your hand under the bikini to show how see through it is.’

Eventually Emily is told that the bikini is for ‘poolside posing only’… so you’re not supposed to actually swim in it. Right.

In response to her complaints a PrettyLittleThing customer services adviser said: ‘From the material it can be expected to happen, most of our bikinis we do advise for them to be worn for poolside posing based on this.’

The bikini went see-through when in water (Picture: Deadline News)

Emily took to Instagram to share the exchange with her followers with the caption: ‘I’m not sure what’s worse @PrettyLittleThing’s Nowman asking me for a video in my see-through bikini or the customer service team telling me bikinis are for poolside posing only.

‘I’ll save you the nude porno video (soz Nowman) but this is what we’re working with.’

Thankfully Emily isn’t too annoyed about her experience.

She said: ‘You have to laugh that they asked for a video initially, I think that would have sent most people over the edge, but I let it play out as I’ve worked in retail and try to be helpful.

She’s called out the brand on Instagram (Picture: Deadline News)

‘The best and most mortifying part is that they said bikinis are for “poolside posing”.

‘I posted it on my Instagram story and have had so many people express their frustrations for me and some have had similar experiences.’

This isn’t the first time PrettyLittleThing has been criticised for selling swimwear you’re not supposed to swim in.

Back in May a customer discovered that their bikini bled bright blue dye when put in water, and was told by PrettyLittleThing that the swimsuit shouldn’t be worn for actual swimming.

Anyone else baffled?

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