‘The Masked Singer’ Deer Clues So Far: What We Know About the Celebrity

Fox’s The Masked Singer took primetime television by storm with its premiere episode on January 2. The show, which originated in South Korea, asks celebrities to face off in a singing competition while disguised in head to toe costuming and, as the show title indicates, an ornate mask. Nick Cannon hosts, and Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger serve as the panel of judges.

Every week, remaining masked celebrities give performances and provide clues meant to help the audience and judges guess who they might be. After the first week of competition, these are all the clues that have been revealed about the celebrity behind the Deer mask:

When the Deer entered the arena, his title card revealed that he is 6’3″ and that his strength is “longevity.” Based on size and tone of voice, the Deer was quickly presumed to be a man. “Longevity” as a clue might suggest that he is an older celeb, or that his career has been long-lasting.

In the Deer’s clue package, he reveals that he chose the deer because “they’re incredibly competitive.” He then said “I’ve always considered myself a singer. Not sure everyone’s gonna agree with that,” adding “I think it’s hard for people to get past who I am and what I’m known for. Another clue he gave was “I’ve been knocked down many times;” as he said this, his antlers were being taped, which led the judges to believe that he might be a fighter or boxer.

Additional clues the Deer gave were:
– “In the wild, wild west you learn how to get up and get back in the saddle.”
– “Ravens, beware! I’m here to win.” (which made judge Robin Thicke suggest that he could be from the Pittsburgh Steelers)

After the Deer sang “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, the judges concluded that he was an athlete and not a singer. As they contemplated over his clue about being from the wild, wild, west, the Deer interrupted to tell them “I like horses,” which made Jeong suggest that maybe the celebrity plays for a team with a horse mascot (like the Colts or the Broncos). When they asked if he plays or has played for the NFL, to which the Deer replied “I would have to plead the 5th on that,” which the judges interpreted as a “big fat yes.” McCarthy guessed Peyton Manning, who has played for both the Broncos and the Colts.

Gold Derby is predicting that the Deer is Eric Decker, former wide receiver in the NFL. They believe this because Decker played 4 seasons for the Denver Broncos, almost signed with the Ravens in 2017, and recorded “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with his wife Jessie James.

Many fans in the Gold Derby and YouTube comment sections, however, think the celebrity is Terry Bradshaw. They point out that he has a horse farm in Texas, is an NFL Hall of Famer, and is an older man (which would explain why the Deer didn’t dance around during his performance).

The Deer will not be performing on tonight’s episode but will be back next Wednesday night with another performance and more clues. The episode 3 description reads “Peacock, monster, unicorn, deer, and lion take the stage for their second performances; Joel McHale joins as a guest panelist.”

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