This Morning’s Ruth Langsford gets giggles over torch being shone up gran’s bum

RUTH Langsford collapsed in hysterics on today’s This Morning after reading out a viewer’s hilarious story about a torch being shone up a grandma’s bum.

Ruth, 59, and her presenter husband Eamonn Holmes, also 59, were fronting a segment called ‘The Tricky Questions You Have To Answer’.

Ruth began chuckling the moment she read out the story
Even Eamonn started to laugh as Ruth wiped tears from her eyes

Viewers of the ITV show sent in their hilarious stories but there was one in particular that truly tickled Ruth.

This Morning fan Louise wrote in to tell the tale of the embarrassing moment her young son accompanied his grandma to a GP appointment.

“In the waiting room he asked her very loudly if the doctor was going to shine his torch up her bum again,” Ruth read out from her ipad.

No sooner had she finished the story that she descended into a fit of giggles.

At one point Ruth threw her head down in hysterics
Phil Vickery was tickled too

While Eamonn looked bemused and then smirked himself, Ruth threw her head down and then had to wipe her eyes,

“That’s classic!” she said in response to the hilarious anecdote.

The camera then cut to chef Phil Vickery, who struggled to keep his composure too.

“I assume it was needed,” Eamonn asked once he managed to stop grinning.

Ruth and Eamonn are loved for their relaxed presenting style and sense of humour
The pair were still amused as they introduced the next segment

“I would think it would be necessary if they are going to do that,” said a still-amused Ruth.

And while the pair – who are fronting the show all week while Phillip Schofield and Holly WIlloughby are on their half-term break- then cut to a competition, they continued to think about the viewer’s story when they returned.

Eamonn cheekily introduced the cooking segment by saying: “We are now going to shine a torch on how to make…”

Ruth and Phil then started laughing again, while Eamonn deadpanned: “What are you thinking about?”

Ruth replied: “I was thinking about that lady in the doctor’s surgery.”

“Well, we are shining our torch,” Eamonn continued, before Ruth turned to Phil and interrupted with: “Fortunately, just into your bowl.”

The trio then managed to get their presenter hats back on as Phil showed viewers his chicken tikka masala recipe.

by – TheSun TV and Showbiz