Times Square Goes Dark: Partial Blackout Reported from Major Power Outage [PHOTOS]

Times Square has gone dark after a major power outage is affecting parts of New York City. A large portion of Times Square was plunged into darkness, people in the area are reporting. Learn more about what’s happening and see photos from Times Square below.

The large monitors and digital screens in Times Square went dark, which immediately clued people into something being wrong.

Christian on Twitter said that the entire block in Times Square, including stores and buildings, had now power. This has led to some people being stuck in elevators.

It’s a surreal experience to see that the large screens are now blank.

Theaters are out too.

But half of Times Square is still holding on, people in the area are reporting.

A reporter with the New York Times said that the buildings were blacked out, but some of the electrical billboards are back on as of 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Steve Herman from VOA News shared a map of the outage area. You can see the marked locations on conEdison, showing 38,863 customers out of service:


One of the earlier blackouts was reported right around the time a transformer fire happened nearby, but it’s unclear if that was the cause.

This is a developing story.

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