Trey Gowdy Reportedly In ‘Discussion’ To Join Donald Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team

Trey Gowdy listens to testimony during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

As President Donald Trump and his White House team seemingly begin to trench in for what appears to be a potential major impeachment battle with House Democrats, reports emerged on Tuesday that he’s talking to heavy-hitters to join his impeachment defense team.

According to The Hill, a member of Trump’s legal team is reportedly talking to former South Carolina lawmaker Trey Gowdy, known by the conservative media and his fans as “the bulldog” after he famously grilled former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the House for 11 hours over the Benghazi situation in 2015.

Though the White House hasn’t responded to The Hill for comment on the development, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow said on Tuesday, “We are in discussion with Trey about joining our team.”

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