Viral Video Shows Hundreds Of Spiders ‘Raining’ Down From The Sky In Brazil

Photo of a spider handing in the air on its web.

An incredible video filmed in Brazil shows hundreds of spiders “raining” from the sky, adorning the horizon with a flood of countless black dots, reports The Guardian.

The footage was filmed in a rural area in the southern state of Minas Gerais — some 125 miles north-east of Sao Paulo — and captured a large clutter of spiders seemingly falling from the heavens in an overflowing torrent of critters.

The video, which you can watch above, was filmed by 14-year-old Joao Pedro Martinelli Fonseca and was shared on Facebook on January 4. Since then, it has been uploaded on YouTube as well, making headlines on international media outlets.

According to the local publication Terra Do Mandu, the arachnid downpour is actually a quite common occurrence, especially in that particular region. The news outlet notes that the spider “rain” is a natural phenomenon typically prompted by torrid summer temperatures and a humid climate.

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