Which Generation Spreads The Most ‘Fake News’ On The Internet?

Left, an elderly woman looks at a computer screen with her hand on a computer mouse; right, a younger woman looks at her phone in a confused way.

“Fake news” is a term that is commonly used by President Donald Trump, but in an errant way.

Trump has co-opted the term to include any news he deems as being unsatisfactory or overly critical of his policies or statements, according to reporting from PolitiFact in 2017. The news itself could be entirely accurate, but if Trump doesn’t like it, he may still call it “fake news” despite its veracity.

Real “fake news” (pardon the oxymoron) includes news reports that aren’t actually produced by legitimate news sites or publications. These articles contain content that do not conform to reality, and instead are used to propagate ideas about people that are harmful to their image.

Although Trump isn’t using the term in the most accurate of ways, the generation to which he belongs (the Baby Boomers) is spreading fake news at a faster rate than any other age group on the internet, per reporting from Motherboard.

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