Who is George Ezra, what are the Shotgun singer’s biggest songs and is he going on tour?

GEORGE Ezra has seen his star status soar over recent years, after racking up numerous hit songs.

The talented singer released his second album Staying at Tamara’s in early 2018. Here’s his story.

George Ezra is a 24-year-old singer song-writer
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Who is George Ezra? What is his background?

George Ezra Barnett, 25, was born June 7, 1993, and is an English singer-songwriter and musician.

After releasing two EPs, Did You Hear the Rain? in October 2013 and Cassy O’ in March 2014, George shot to fame with the release of his hit single Budapest.

The song reached the top 10 in several countries around the world, reaching number one in Austria, Belgium, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

After this, George’s debut album Wanted on Voyage, released in June 2014, reached number one in the UK and the top ten in seven other countries.

He shot to fame with his hit single Budapest
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What are George’s hit songs?

George has scored numerous hits since he first emerged on the scene, they include:

  • Budapest
  • Blame It on Me
  • Listen To the Man
  • Did You Hear The Rain
  • Cassy O’
  • Leaving It Up to You
  • Barcelona
  • Song 6
  • Benjamin Twine
  • Stand by Your Gun
The singer moved to Bristol as a youngster to pursue a career in music
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When was George Ezra’s album released?

George’s most recent album Staying At Tamara’s was released on March 23, 2018.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “That’s it, no going back, 11 songs that I’ve worked on for eighteen months,

“Finally available for all of us to listen to & to take with us wherever it may be that we end up.

“I hope you love it!”

Staying at Tamara’s is his second album and follows the 2014 hit, Wanted on Voyage.

Paradise, which was released back in January 2018, features on his album.

George is off on a UK tour in 2019.

Other songs include:

  • Pretty Shining People
  • Don’t Matter How
  • Get Away
  • Shotgun
  • All My Love
  • Sugarcoat
  • Hold My Girl
  • Saviour
  • Only a Human
  • The Beautiful Dream

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