Will ‘The Society’ Get Renewed for Season 2 on Netflix? Here’s What We Know

Netflix’s newest original series, The Society, has taken the internet by storm since its first season was released on May 10. The season 1 finale left viewers with a number of questions, twists, and a cliff-hanger ending, so fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 plans to be announced.

While Netflix has not yet shared any news that they will be renewing the series for a second season, The Society creator Christopher Keyser told Indie Wire that, should a season 2 get the green light, he knows where the story and its characters are headed, teasing that season 2 would focus on “New Ham under new leadership, [and] that’s not very stable because it’s a triumvirate of three people, none of who trust anyone else in that triumvirate. How that’s going to work and whether they will work together or will begin to undermine each other, we don’t know.”

In the interview, he also acknowledged that before he can get started moving the story forward, Netflix needs to decide the show’s deserving of more seasons: “I know full well that first we need to get a second season and then we need to deal with what Netflix’s general philosophy is about how many seasons shows get. I don’t really have any idea.”

Last month, Deadline explained Netflix’s growing reputation for canceling shows after 2 or 3 seasons, saying “there has been chatter that Netflix does not see significant growth potential beyond Season 3 (and sometimes beyond Season 2) as viewers tend to move on to the next hot new show in an overcrowded TV universe.” Still, this bodes well for fans of The Society to at least binge 10 more episodes of the story in the near future, and Netflix’s Stranger Things is proof that a strong enough plot and large enough fanbase can add longevity to an original series on the streaming platform.

If the show is renewed for season 2, its stars are already thinking about what they’d like to see next for their characters. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kathryn Newton said that she thinks that Allie and Grizz (played by Jack Mulhern) are “gonna come up with something.” Toby Wallace, who plays Campbell, told ET “I’m imagining there will be some kind of dip in power and that Campbell will lose power eventually — whether he regains it or what happens I don’t know — but I feel like that’ll be an interesting place to go.”

If Netflix doesn’t already intend to give The Society a second season, the show’s ever-growing social media following could help influence the decision. As quickly as fans could binge all ten season 1 episodes, they were demanding a season 2 on Twitter and in the comment sections of both Netflix and The Society‘s Instagram accounts.

You can stream all 10 episodes of season 1 of The Society now on Netflix.

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