Woman at Loss for Words Upon Seeing Boyfriend’s ‘Man Bun’ Chopped Off

The “Rachael Ray Show” features amazing makeovers, but this one might be the most satisfying, as you’ve likely never seen a dude with hair quite like this! It made his girlfriend’s jaw drop how this amazing fella transforms from dated to dashing—we think you’ll be blown away too!

Joe’s girlfriend couldn’t stop crying after seeing his incredible transformation

Posted by Rachael Ray Show on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

These days, it’s fashionable for men with long hair to sport the “man bun” look, but for Joe, a waiter from New York, his hair was just out of control.

Fortunately, Rachael Ray’s style expert Kyan Douglas was in New York looking for chicken wings one day, and he happened across Joe inside the restaurant where he worked. Right from the start, Kyan said, “Man, I’m cutting that bun off and you’re coming on the Rachael Ray Show,” and that was enough to convince him.

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Posted by Rachael Ray Show on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Joe the waiter had grown his hair for six years as a little act of rebellion against his parents when he heard them say that they didn’t like men with long hair. He came to the show with his girlfriend, Angie, who had never seen him with hair shorter than he currently had.

Rachael, the show’s host, caught Angie crying when they started cutting Joe’s treasured locks, as she still had some letting go to do.

Then when the day of the big reveal took place on “Rachael Ray,” she and everyone in attendance waited eagerly in anticipation. “Joe, c’mon out!” exclaimed Rachael.

He strutted through the french doors, and his girlfriend was floored. Her jaw dropped. Meanwhile, Rachael couldn’t help but exclaim, “You look sexy, man! This is good!”

Angie was at a loss for words. Excitedly, she ran up onstage to embrace her fella.

He really did come out looking like a million bucks thanks to Kyan, who not only worked on his hair but threw in some happn’n duds to match the new look.

Posted by Rachael Ray on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why the man bun?

Like many off-the-wall, millennial fashion trends, the man bun is about more than just a hairstyle, and is also part of a larger lifestyle statement. Often accompanied with trendy shirts, tight pants, a beard, or possibly all of the above, man buns have some association with the “hipster” trend (also included may be capes, spandex, fedoras, checkered shirts, etc.).

There are several variations, with either more hair (full man bun) or less (nubbin), and may be on top of the head (top knot/pineapple) or nearer the back (pony bun). The man bun seems to have evolved from the millennial “high and tight” trend of shaving the sides of the hair and growing the top longer, reminiscent of the 1930s German haircuts (Hitler youth), and first appeared on the scene around 2012.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Vladimir Gjorgiev

Although essentially different from traditional samurai hairstyles worn by the warrior elites of Feudal Japan, the hipster culture’s embrace of manga and Quentin Tarantino-esque appropriations—from influences such as “Lone Wolf and Cub” and “The Seven Samurai”—are implicitly invoked.

Meanwhile, along with the hipster beard, celebrities such as Leonardo diCaprio and Chris Hemsworth have ensured the trend’s sustained vitality. Moreover, it is reported that the opposite sex seems, in large part, to not mind it (possibly when accompanied with boxer briefs). Love or hate it, the man bun is likely to survive for many years to come.

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Woman at Loss for Words Upon Seeing Boyfriend’s ‘Man Bun’ Chopped Off

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