You can get a free taxi ride if you’re reunited with a driver you’ve met before

On the house, mate (Picture: Getty)

There are two kinds of people when it comes to riding a taxi: those who prefer a silent journey and those who can’t help but utter the words ‘so, been a busy night, mate?’

If you’re the latter then chances are you’ve made some nice taxi-driving mates along the way.

And now those who recognise a former driver will be rewarded.

London-based ride-hailing app Kapten has launched a new service called Karmatch which lets you ride for free if you reunite with a previous driver.

The initiative, which rewards riders and drivers that are paired for a second (or third) time, will be automatically available to app users.

You might be thinking it’s just a promotional gimmick and the chances of repeat drivers are low but Kapten tells that they receive more than 1,300 matches weekly.

Perfect for those who become chatty mcchatterson on a drunken night out – a free ride and a new friend.

A win win journey (Picture: Kapten)

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to remember a driver’s face or car reg number.

As soon as your ride is booked, your app will send a notification straight to your phone announcing you have a Karmatch.

Your ride will then be free and your driver will receive double earnings for the journey (win-win).

Sadly, it is only available in the capital for now.

It was launched on 9 September but you’ll have to act fast as the initiative is only open until 6 October.

Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager at Kapten, said ‘Being reunited is more common than you might think with Kapten.

‘Each week, more than 1,300 customers meet their old driver again. The more you ride with Kapten, the more likely you are to meet one of our 16,000 driver-partners twice. It’s not luck, it’s loyalty!’

Recently Kapten has also launched the Clean Air Bonus for its drivers, encouraging them to switch to zero-emission vehicles.

We love to see it.

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