Young Voters Now See The GOP As ‘The Dumb Party,’ Says Longtime Conservative Icon George Will

Donald Trump appears at a campaign event in Iowa.

George Will has long been seen as an icon of the conservative movement and a major voice for Republicans, but now the columnist thinks the young generation will abandon the GOP as “the dumb party.”

The conservative commentator and columnist shared his views this week during an appearance on CNBC. As HuffPost noted, Will was asked about a New York Times column from David Brooks warning that young people would be leaving the Republican Party in the era of Donald Trump. Brooks called it a “coming GOP apocalypse,” and Will agreed.

“I think David Brooks is late to the apocalypse,” Will said. “I think it’s already happened. In fact, young people have made up their mind about the Republican Party, that it’s kind of the dumb party.”

As the report noted, Will added that the stigma once attached to the idea of socialism has faded with the youngest generation.

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