Away on Netflix: Will there be a season 2?

Hilary Swank stars as an astronaut in Netflix’s new space drama (Picture: Netflix)Season 1 spoilers ahead

Since it dropped on the platform earlier this month, Netflix’s space drama Away has transported viewers to the first mission to Mars, exploring not just space, but the effects the voyage had on the families of the five-person crew.

Featuring the likes of Hilary Swank and Josh Charles, the show followed the diverse crew as they left their loved ones on earth to embark on a three-year mission to Mars with the journey to their destination taking a full year.

The series ended as the crew overcame the first hurdle – landing on Mars.

But what comes next? Will we ever find out?

Will there be a season 2 of Away?

There’s been no official word from Netflix yet on whether or not there will be a season 2 of Away.

However, it seems as though there’s a strong chance the streaming giant will commission another season considering the stellar success of the first one.

And then there’s the fact that season 1 ended with so many questions hanging in the balance.

In an interview with Collider on Friday, Hilary Swank hinted the journey could continue into another season.

When asked about the ending season 1, she said: ‘Where we end is a really interesting beginning that people want to then embark on with us in the next wave of what could be that journey.’

Earlier this month, show creator Andrew Hinderaker told the website, ‘In terms of Season 2, I always felt like if there was a final card that I would love to have on the season, it would be ‘Away will return for Season 2… on Mars.

‘Part of what we’re promising is what that crew experiences at the very end, we now get to live in a new world.’

However, even if a second series is confirmed, it’s unlikely to land any time soon, given the ongoing filming restrictions brought on as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch this space!

Away season 1 is streaming on Netflix now

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