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On Saturday Night Live, Chris Farley was a comedy mega-star. With sketches that featured Farley as a Chippendale’s dancer, a lunch lady, a Chicago Bears fan, and a motivational speaker, he took SNL by storm when he joined the cast in 1990.

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From there, Farley transitioned to movies, where he boasted a few leading roles and a few cameos in the movies of his friends and SNL colleagues before he tragically died in December 1997. Farley’s legacy endures still today, especially through his filmography that is endlessly rewatched and enjoyed by comedy fans. He only appeared in ten films in his career, but each of them was more special having had him star in them.

10 Coneheads – 5.3

The 1993 Coneheads film was largely a showcase for SNL original cast members Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin. However, the comedians from the ’90s also came to play in the SNL feature film.

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Stars like Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Phil Hartman appeared in the film, but Chris Farley was a clear scene-stealer, even in his minor capacity. As Ronnie, the mechanic who dates Connie Conehead, Farley was clearly well-suited to the big screen.

9 Beverly Hills Ninja – 5.6

Despite the iconography of Coneheads, it still ranks last according to the IMDB ratings. That’s right; it even ranks below 1997’s Beverly Hills Ninja.

Beverly Hills Ninja has the feeling of a fake 30 Rock movie, even down to its tagline, “Kung Fool!” However, it ended up being an innocuous vehicle for Farley to show off his physical comedy. He even earned an MTV Movie Award nomination for his role as Haru!

8 Almost Heroes – 5.9

Almost Heroes, released in 1998, is the first of two posthumous films that featured Farley. Almost Heroes is a comedy western film from the gentle directorial touch of Christopher Guest.

Farley starred opposite Matthew Perry, another rising star from the 1990s, and he played Bartholomew Hunt, a man competing against Lewis and Clark to explore the west of the United States. It’s a unique concept and one that showed hints of a subtler range from Farley.

7 Airheads – 6.1

Doubling back to 1994 for a moment, Airheads was a film about a group of fledgling musicians who go to criminal lengths to install their soundtrack onto a local radio station.

The film is largely centered around the musicians, portrayed by Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler. While they all popped on screen and built massive careers for themselves, Farley occupied a minor role as an officer. He was obviously a memorable figure in the film, too, even without being a lead.

6 Wayne’s World 2 – 6.2

The SNL oeuvre has rarely produced a sequel to its slate of sketches turned into films. However, in 1993, a sequel to Wayne’s World was released and was received decently well, even if it ranked lower than its predecessor.

In Wayne’s World 2, the friend group of Wayne and Garth expanded to include characters like Terry and Milton. Of course, Milton was played by Farley in an effort that cemented him as a reliable role player in SNL ensembles, as well as a lead performer.

5 Black Sheep – 6.3

In terms of the cinema, what Farley will be best remembered for is his film collaboration with David Spade. The pair seemed destined to be among the all-time great movie duos, like John Candy and Steve Martin.

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Black Sheep was the second of these collaborations and it starred Farley as Mike Donnelly, the brother of a candidate for governor and Spade as the political aide tasked with managing Mike’s whacked out personality. Clearly, it resonated well among Farley fans on IMDB.

4 Billy Madison – 6.4

Billy Madison is best known as one of the all-time classic Sandler vehicles in terms of 1990s comedies. As Sandler is known to do, many of his friends had parts in the 1995 comedy, too.

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As for Farley, he appeared in Billy Madison in an uncredited capacity. His turn as a bus driver was simple, but fun. It would have been so lovely to see Farley appear in Sandler comedies for years and years.

3 Dirty Work – 6.5

Coming in at third place on the IMDB rankings of Chris Farley’s films is Dirty Work, the last film role of Farley’s career. Unfortunately, it was mostly a Norm Macdonald vehicle and Farley’s role was an uncredited one.

His role as Jimmy No-Nose may not have been the major focus of Dirty Work, but it is now forever a part of the film’s legacy. Farley was a special talent and any film that featured him even for a second is coveted.

2 Wayne’s World – 7.0

Returning to the story of Wayne and Garth, the original Wayne’s World film actually served as Farley’s first film appearance. He appeared in a small role, as a security guard.

Obviously, Wayne’s World is often heralded as one of the best SNL films ever made, so it’s no surprise that it slots into the list right near the top with a solid 7.0 rating. There’s no doubt that Farley helped boost the score, even if only through a minuscule fraction.

1 Tommy Boy – 7.1

Coming in at the top spot for Farley’s IMDB ranking, could it be any other movie? It has to be Tommy Boy, which sports an admirable 7.1 score. It also just happens to be Farley’s most famous movie.

Farley stars as Tommy Callahan, a man with arrested development who embarks on a road trip with David Spade’s Richard character. It’s an all-time classic comedy and one that cemented Farley as a beloved star of the screen forever.

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