Enola Holmes: 10 Most Funniest Lines From The Netflix Movie

Netflix’s Enola Holmes is the story of the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Released on Netflix, the star cast boasts of Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin, Fiona Shaw, and a new young actor Louis Patridge as well. Enola Holmes is an adorably cute, light-hearted, fun, and entertaining movie.

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Directed by Harry Bradbeer of Fleabag fame, this movie uses the fourth wall breaking technique as well. Enola is incredibly smart and she’s a brilliant detective. But she is also sweet, kind, and empathetic. The adventures of Enola and Lord Tewkesbury have many laugh out loud moments and here are some of them.

10 “Perhaps One Shouldn’t Read Too Much Into The ‘Alone’ Idea”

Enola spelled backwards is ‘Alone,’ and since her mother was so determined to name her Enola, she wonders if it was significant. But then when her brothers arrive, she realizes that Sherlock and Mycroft backward don’t really mean anything.

So maybe she needn’t worry too much about what her name means backward. Here, Enola comes across as an extremely earnest character and it is her honesty and earnestness that makes the situation funny.

9 “The Best Bit Was My Idea, But You Did Save Me”

Enola thanks Tewkesbury for saving her, even though he hadn’t thanked her for saving him earlier. But Enola isn’t exactly very generous with her thanks and appreciation.

She thanks him for attempting to save her from Miss Harrison’s Finishing School, but she cannot help herself from adding that it was, of course, she herself who came up with the best part of the plan. Enola’s way of saying this comment, mixed with appreciation but also self-congratulation, is indeed very funny.

8 “And I’ve Lost A Button”

Enola saves Tewkesbury from the man in the bowler hat who wants to murder him. She makes him jump off the train with her and they roll down the hill. After dusting himself off, Tewkesbury complains of pain and discomfort and makes no mention of thanking Enola in any way.

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When Enola tries to make this evident, Tewkesbury could not be more further away from this thought, finding himself more concerned with a lost button on his coat.

7 “You’re Being Emotional. It’s Understandable, But Unnecessary”

When Enola was being emotional in her conversation with Sherlock under the tree, Sherlock says this line to her. Later on, Enola repeats these same lines back to Sherlock when he starts to get worked up in Miss Harrison’s Finishing School and she gives him a taste of his own medicine.

There is a very confident smile on her face as she sits down after delivering these lines and even Sherlock can’t help but smile about how easily he has been played.

6 “…It’s Time For Phase Five Of My Plan. Or Possibly Phase Four. Or Possibly Phase Six. I’ve Entirely Lost Count”

Enola was very meticulous in the beginning when she was planning her escape from Ferndell Hall but things go haywire pretty soon. She gets caught in helping Tewkesbury and then more things keep happening. When she eventually catches a break, she starts formulating the next part of the plan.

The comical element here is regarding her inability to actually figure out which phase of her plan she was currently in. The flashcards keep changing every time she guesses and it’s a very funny scene.

5 “May Have Overthought My Outfit”

Enola breaks the fourth wall to tell audiences why she had chosen to dress as a widow. She gives a short monologue on how clever she was to dress in this manner that will give her a nice cover. But at Tewkesbury’s house, his mother questions her as to why Sherlock Holmes has sent his assistant who is a widow to find out information about the case.

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It is then that she breaks the fourth wall again to admit that she might have overthought the attire and complicated things for herself. It’s quite amusing to have the lead character admit to their own failings so openly.

4 “…They Will Make Me Look Like That Truly Unlikely Thing: A Lady!”

Millie Bobby Brown is incredible as Enola Holmes. She performs the character with equal amounts of spunk and grace. She talks to the audiences in the cloth shop before trying on dresses and tells the audience that she is going to become something that no one expects her to be, a lady.

She knows that her brothers will be looking for her, and they would presume her to be undercover underdressed, or dressed as a boy or so. They would never expect her to look like a well-dressed lady, so that is exactly what she does. Her delivery of this dialogue with the fanning of her face makes it so much more funnier.

3 “Why Would We Want To Attract The Bloody Sharks? Good Point”

Sherlock gives Enola the advice that sometimes you need to dip your feet in the water to attract the sharks. He was helping Enola in her own detective mission of who was plotting to kill Tewkesbury. She quotes the same thing to Tewkesbury when he asks her why they are going to his home when they so clearly know that people want to kill him.

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But he doesn’t think this line to be philosophical in any manner, he calls it out and asks why would they even want to do that. And Enola can’t help but agree. This is one of those very meta and self-aware moments in the film that will definitely make audiences laugh.

2 “‘Tis I”

Audiences will not be able to stop themselves from smiling when Enola breaks the fourth wall on many occasions. It draws from a classic YA movie trope. But a strong case can be made especially for this occasion. She is in Lord Tewkesbury’s home and she has declared herself to be Miss May Beatrice Posy.

So when the servants announce her arrival with this particular name, she removes her veil and turns sideward to look at the camera and with a winning grin says, “‘Tis I.” Even though it’s just two words, the expressions Millie Bobby Brown gives and her delivery of these two words will have audiences positively giggle.

1 “How Did Your Sister Get There Before Ya?”

Sherlock Holmes is a world-famous detective, and even in this adaptation, he is as acclaimed and intelligent as every other adaptation. And so, there is a particular joy to be gained when audiences see that his sister has beaten him to solving the case.

Inspector Lestrade asks this question to Sherlock when Sherlock comes to him having solved the case of who killed Tewkesbury’s father and who was plotting to kill him as well. But Enola had already gotten to that and having it spelt out in this manner is really funny.

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