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There are hundreds of different Pokemon for players to catch in Pokemon Go. The amount and types of Pokemon are constantly changing as new events usher in brand new Pokemon or remove some from the lineup. With each new update, players have the ability to track down their favorite pocket monsters from the series and either fight them in Raid Battles or add them to their ever-growing collection.

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One of the more rare entries in the game is the Pokemon Reshiram. Reshiram is a Generation V Pokemon that was the mascot of Pokemon Black. This Dragon/Fire-Type is an extremely powerful Legendary Pokemon that was one of the best Pokemon of that generation. Reshiram was not included in Pokemon Go until earlier this year as a Raid Battle, so players may still be looking to get their hands on it. This guide shows players how they can find Reshiram and how to catch it.

Reshiram is one of the Pokemon in the game that players are not able to catch out in the wild, but instead must be fought during a Raid Battle. Reshiram doesn’t always appear during these battles, so players will need to wait until it is the featured battle. After that players will need to make sure that they have Raid Passes which can be acquired by either purchasing them from the store or picking them up from PokeStops. Once this is taken care of Reshiram is ready to be fought.

Reshiram is a very difficult Pokemon to face off against since it has access to both Dragon and Flying attacks. This means that using strong Pokemon like Steel-Types is a bad idea that will players eliminated quickly. Instead, the best bet for players to go for is to use Ground-Types or Fairy-Types. Ground will only be able to deal neutral damage, but these Pokemon typically have high defense stats. Fairy-Types on the other hand will be capable of dealing a high amount of damage against Reshiram.

Once players manage to bring Reshiram down they will be given a certain number of premier balls depending on how well they performed during this fight. Players will only be able to use these balls to catch Reshiram, so they will need to make every one of them count.

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Pokemon Go can be played on iOS and Android.

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