Love Island USA: Justine & Caleb Are So Cute Even Chrissy Teigen Loves Them

Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew have taken the title of power couple in the villa, but it didn’t start out that way. Justine entered the villa on day one, but was disappointed to end up in a friendship couple with Jeremiah White. She later re-coupled with Tre Forte, but decided that he was just a friend as well. Caleb was initially interested in Kierstan Saulter and Rachel Lundell, and took both of them on dates. Rachel chose him at the next re-coupling, but after talking to Justine, Caleb decided to pursue her instead. The two finally coupled up just before being separated during Casa Amor. Although Casa Amor girl Sher Suarez showed interest in Caleb, he ultimately decided to stick with Justine. The two returned from Casa Amor single and ready to get together again. Since returning to the villa, Justine and Caleb have become the strongest couple in the villa and a solid fan favorite. 

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During one of their conversations in Tuesday night’s episode, Justine and Caleb compared themselves to iconic celebrity couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Buzzfeed reported that Justine revealed Chrissy and John are her favorite celebrity couple. Caleb agreed that they are a “power couple,” and that he’s looking for, “Chrissy and that John Legend love.” He joked, “I feel like I’m Chrissy though because I’m the funny one.” As a singer and dancer, Justine fits into the role of John Legend. They continued to joke about how Caleb looks similar to John, and each of their singing abilities. A video of the exchange was posted on Love Island USA’s Twitter page, where they tagged Chrissy and John. 

Chrissy saw the post and retweeted the video with an expression of excitement that Justine and Caleb had mentioned her. She wrote, “Omgahhhh one of my 2 favorite couples on the show like me ahhhhh!” Love Island’s Twitter replied to her with a stunned reaction gif. The show’s last season wasn’t a huge ratings hit, so celebrity attention is unexpected. Chrissy saying that Justine and Caleb are her favorite couple is definitely a good sign for them; an endorsement from one half of one of the most successful and beloved celebrity couples can’t be bad. Just like the rest of America, Chrissy is routing for Justine and Caleb to make it to the end.

Love Island returns tonight with a new episode; will any of the three new guys try to get between Caleb and Justine? Let’s hope not for their sake; you don’t want Chrissy Teigen as an enemy.

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Source: Buzzfeed

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