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What would the cast of  in this alternate universe, Deadshot isn’t returning for the sequel, Snipes could still play the daywalker.

For the role of Captain Boomerang, a young Hugh Jackman could’ve had his breakout role as the Aussie criminal. Jackman would be in his mid-20s during this time and not yet cast as Wolverine in X-Men. His Marvel superhero role has already proven he has what it takes to be part of a big franchise, but Captain Boomerang would give Jackman the chance to show off more of his comedic ability potentially and use his natural Australian accent.

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For El Diablo, we’re going with Antonio Banderas. He was starting to become quite a big star during the decade thanks to movies like DesperadoAssassins, and the Mask of Zorro franchise. The role of El Diablo as it was presented in Suicide Squad might not provide Banderas a chance to use his charm, but the opportunity to play a man tortured by the fact he accidentally killed his family is the type of material Banderas could excel with.

The role of Killer Croc was done practically in 2016’s Suicide Squad and would have to do the same in the 1990s, so Michael Clarke Duncan becomes the ideal candidate to play him. He started to break out as an actor in the late ’90s thanks to The Green Mile but Suicide Squad could’ve been his first big break instead. At 6’5, Duncan possesses the physique needed to make Killer Croc an imposing figure, but he’s also a great actor who could make the most of the character’s limited dialogue.

We’re going with Ming-Na Wen as the 1990s version of Katana in Suicide Squad. Wen was just starting her acting career in this decade, with her role as Chun-Li in Street Fighter her biggest on-screen role. Throughout her career, Wen has proven to be a great action performer and was great as Melinda May in Agents of SHIELD. Katana might not have much dialogue in the 2016 version of Suicide Squad, but Wen can also deliver a performance that brings out the subtlety of the character’s emotional state.

Kate Winslet is our pick to take over the role of June Moon aka Enchantress in a 1990s Suicide Squad. She became one of the brightest young stars during the end of the decade, so Suicide Squad could be able to catch her before or get her right as she was breaking out after Titanic. Throughout Winslet’s career, she has played a wide range of characters and brought wonderful performances to a number of them. The hope here is that she could elevate the role of Enchantress as it was presented in 2016.

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To lead the new look Task Force X, Bill Paxton is the choice to take over the role of Rick Flag. Paxton was an excellent character actor in the 1980s who started to take on even bigger roles in the 1990s with TwisterTrue LiesApollo 13, and Titanic. He’s even played a military leader type on a few occasions, such as in Edge of Tomorrow. Flag was a bit of an underwhelming character in the original version of the movie, but Paxton’s unique energy could help the character standout in our 1990s version.

Willem Dafoe has long been near the top of fan cast lists to play Joker, so what better time to make this a reality than with a 1990s Suicide Squad. Dafoe had already been in a number of high profile and successful films by the ’90s, but a chance to play the Clown Prince of Crime might be too big to pass up. His actual career has shown that he can be a great comic book movie villain after playing Green Goblin in Spider-Man, but his turn as Joker would now come before.

For the woman behind the entire Suicide Squad operation, we’re going with Pam Grier as the 1990s Amanda Waller. Grier was already an established talent by this time after her roles in blaxploitation films throughout the 70s and then starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown in 1997. She has the necessary screen presence to convincingly make Amanda Waller the most powerful person in a room full of people with actual powers, and maybe her casting would even provide some rewrites to get Waller involved in some action herself.

If Warner Bros. and DC were making Suicide Squad in the 1990s, then the opportunity would be there for them to use their current Batman actor as well. This is exactly what the studios did in 2016 by having Ben Affleck make an appearance as the Dark Knight, so the 1990s version of Suicide Squad could see Val Kilmer reprise his role. Since Batman Forever came out in 1995, Suicide Squad could’ve been released a few years later and kept Kilmer around. But, George Clooney could be the one to appear if the movie was made any later, and Michael Keaton could be in consideration to return if it was made in the early ’90s.

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