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There are six different classes in Spellbreak which players can choose from at the start of each match. The six classes represent the different schools of magic: Pyromancy, Frostborn, Toxicology, Tempest, Conduit, and Stoneshaper. The classes are centered around different elements and deal different status effects and amounts of damage that correlate with the element. Fire burns, ice freezes, and rocks hit hard.

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Each class has its own set of tier levels that players can progress by leveling them up. The tiers offer players the chance to earn more gold, unlock new talents, and even reward the player with cosmetic items. Players can also upgrade their classes during battle by increasing their skill level and by exchanging gauntlets for more powerful ones. This guide will teach players how to level up their classes and how to upgrade them during battle.

First off, when leveling up a player’s class, it does not directly affect the player’s power in-game. Think of each class as having its own battle pass that rewards the player as they progress through the tiers. Some tiers do reward the player with new talents that they can equip which act as passive abilities, but the player’s class level does not directly affect the player’s power in a battle. The only way to level up a class is to select the class the player wants to earn experience for at the beginning of a match. Gauntlets collected during the match won’t earn experience. Only the one selected at the start. Gauntlets earn experience based on how the player performs during a match, so the better a player performs the more experience that class will gain.

Players can increase their class’ strength by upgrading their gauntlet during a match. Gauntlets can be found in different rarities ranging from common to legendary, and they can be found in chests or on the floor all around the map. Players start with a common level gauntlet which can be replaced if the player finds a gauntlet of the same element that is a higher rarity. Players can also equip a secondary gauntlet that is a different element that can be swapped out for any other element. The only way to increase a gauntlet’s strength is by finding a gauntlet of a higher rarity in a match. Additionally, the player’s skill level increases as a match progresses which allows the player to utilize different passive abilities. These abilities are shown on the class select screen before each match.

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Spellbreak is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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