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The Wing Cap is Mario’s signature ability in Super Mario 64, and it allows Mario to glide around levels as long as he has enough momentum. The Wing Cap ability is exclusive to Super Mario 64 and is even showcased on the game’s box art. However, players will have to discover the secret to unlocking the ability before it can be used at other levels.

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The Wing Cap appears inside red boxes and allows Mario to fly when he triple jumps or when shot from a cannon. Mario only gains the ability to fly for 60 seconds, so players will need to act fast once they put on their new hat. The red boxes that house the wing cap will be transparent before the ability is unlocked, and will be useless to the player. There are plenty of stars that are locked behind Mario unlocking the Wing Cap, but luckily players can unlock the ability early on in the game. Here is how to unlock the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64.

First, players will need to have collected 10 stars from other levels. These can come from Bomb-omb Battlefield, Jolly Roger Bay, or any other level in Super Mario 64. After the player has 10 stars, a beam of light will start to shine down from the ceiling in the lobby area of the castle. The center of the lobby has a sun where the light should be shining. Players need to stand in the center of the sun and look up towards the light to be transported to the Tower of the Wing Cap level.

Once in the level, Mario will already be soaring through the air wearing the Wing Cap. A tower is in the center of the level with a big red button on it. Mario needs to hit the button in order to turn all of the red blocks in the game solid. Once the button is pressed, this permanently unlocks the Wing Cap ability, and players can exit the level. However, the Tower of the Wing Cap level also has a Power Star that can be obtained by flying around the map and collecting all of the red coins. From here on, players can access the Wing Cap via red blocks that can be found in Bomb-omb Battlefield, Lethal Lava Land, and Shifting Sand Land.

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Super Mario 64 is available on the Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch.

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