The Boys’ Antony Starr Shows Off Early Version Of Homelander’s Suit

The Boys actor Antony Starr reveals a new look at the early designs for Homelander’s supersuit. In 2019, Amazon got into the superhero game with The Boys, a raunchy, subversive take on the genre that’s based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are very much real and a part of every day life, but they also aren’t quite as heroic as the public might expect. The Seven is the biggest superteam in the world, and the titular Boys are a group of vigilantes who aim to take them down.

Starr’s Homelander might be modeled in the vein of Superman, but he’s far from the perfect hero. Fans of The Boys learned pretty quickly in season 1 that Homelander is a sadistic and narcissistic monster who isn’t afraid to kill those who are standing in his way. The Boys season 2, which premiered earlier this month, has only emphasized that, even as he finds his equal with the Seven’s newest member, Stormfront (Aya Cash). In addition to Stormfront, Homelander is easily the worst of The Boys‘ “supes,” and fans have learned to be wary of the sight of his American flag-styled cape.

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Before last week’s debut of The Boys season 2, episode 6, Starr hopped on social media to share some behind the scenes pictures of Homelander’s early costume. As Starr explained, this was the first time he had put on the complete suit, and that it had taken about six months to reach that stage. He also promised that while they are now four suits in, there are more to come for Homelander. Check out his post down below.

Like most of The Boys‘ superheroes, Homelander has never been seen without his suit, making him even more of a menacing figure. Even when he’s doing something horrific like pushing his son off a roof in order to teach him to fly or killing a supe that looks like himself, Homelander is always dressed like the poster boy for true heroism. These behind the scenes images are a cool glimpse into the process behind Homelander’s carefully cultivated look, and the tease of more to come will no doubt excite fans.

The Boys season 2 has found Homelander tested in new ways thanks to Stormfront’s arrival and his increasingly precarious place within Vought. There are only two episodes left in the season, meaning a major showdown isn’t too far away. Fans already know this won’t be the last time they see Homelander, though, as The Boys has already been renewed for season 3. Of course, that does depend on whether he survives the season; in two weeks, fans will know that for sure.

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The Boys season 2 continues this Friday on Amazon with “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker.”

Source: Antony Starr/Instagram

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