Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Characters Who’d Do Well In A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

The hit ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has been around for sixteen long years, and as is to be expected with such a long-running show, some of the circumstances that the characters face have gotten pretty crazy. Perhaps the only trope the show hasn’t tried is a zombie apocalypse, but never say never.

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The series has played around with genres more than once. Although technically a medical drama with copious amounts of romance, comedy, and tragedy thrown in, Grey’s has experimented with the musical genre as well as the thriller. Consequently, it’s not a stretch to imagine the doctors and nurses at Grey Sloan Memorial amidst a zombie apocalypse, and it’s fun to imagine who would live and who would die in such a scenario.

10 Wouldn’t: Levi Schmitt

The shy and blundering Levi Schmitt has been around for relatively less time on Grey’s than most characters, but has already endeared himself to fans.

Levi is kind and good at heart but he might not such a great person to have on one’s team when being pursued by a bunch of hungry zombies. In fact, Levi would most likely end up being one of the first victims of the zombies, putting his friends in danger as well.

9 Would: Owen Hunt

The dashing Owen Hunt was an army doctor for a long time before he joined Seattle Grace as a trauma surgeon. Owen has seen some pretty tough conditions on the field and one can expect him to be a quick thinker under stressful circumstances.

He would definitely be a great ally in case a zombie attack seemed imminent. In fact, he would probably make a good leader, too, instantly taking charge in a dangerous situation. Being a trauma surgeon he would also be useful to have around if somebody were to get injured in the ensuing fight.

8 Wouldn’t: Maggie Pierce

The endearing but irritating Maggie might not be such a great person to be stuck with while running from zombies. Maggie is extremely smart and intelligent as a person, and a great doctor at a very young age, but studiousness is not what would count during a zombie apocalypse.

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It’s possible that Maggie might keep her nerves for a while but then she might just give herself away somehow, putting herself as well as other lives in jeopardy.

7 Would: Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson might not be one’s first choice for a teammate in a zombie attack, but in hindsight, she might actually know what she is doing.

Jo has had a very difficult life for the most part, having been abandoned as a child and living on the streets as an adolescent. She would be nervous no doubt but then she would gather her strength and possibly turn out to be a reliable ally if zombies were to descend onto Seattle.

6 Wouldn’t: Amelia Shepherd

An absolute no-no during a zombie apocalypse would be to have Amelia Shepherd to worry about. Amelia is a brilliant young neurosurgeon and Derek Shepherd’s youngest sister— and also has one of the most messed up lives of all the characters on the show.

Amelia might be an adorable scatterbrain, but a scatterbrain she is, muddled for the most part as to which course of action would be best, both in her professional and especially her personal life. Having Amelia around during a zombie apocalypse would unfortunately mean risking the lives of everyone traveling with her.

5 Would: Teddy Altman

Teddy Altman is a steady, sensible person, although inclined to make some impulsive decisions at times. She, like Owen, has served in the army as a doctor and should be able to make smart, quick decisions when in danger.

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Teddy would most certainly be able to keep calm under stress and help her team maneuver around until they found a safe place to hide from the zombies. But given Teddy’s nature, she might also willingly sacrifice herself for others, which is what you want in a zombie apocalypse ally.

4 Wouldn’t: April Kepner

The sweet and mild natured April is yet another person who wouldn’t be a great ally or friend to have during a zombie apocalypse.

April is inherently good, and in horror movies and zombie apocalypses, the ones who are the sweetest and the most gullible often end up getting killed first. Having April on one’s team might not a great idea if that team is hoping to survive Armageddon.

3 Would: Jackson Avery

It might be a very good idea to have the sensible Jackson Avery around in a crisis. Jackson is smart and sensitive, but also reasonable and mature for the most part, all of which are great qualities in an ally during a zombie attack.

Jackson would surely steer his team towards safety and keep steady, finding ways to fool the zombies and give them the slip. In fact, he might very well survive the apocalypse himself giving his team an added advantage and a chance to make it themselves.

2 Wouldn’t: Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey might be the lead protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy and an extraordinary surgeon, but she might not be the best person to have around when being attacked by zombies.

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Meredith would undoubtedly be anyone’s top choice when confronted with some deadly disease, but in a zombie apocalypse, she would need to keep herself from collapsing, especially if she were to be part of a team. She might even end up escaping the zombies if she were alone, but might not be such a great team player after all.

1 Would: Cristina Yang

The best person to team up with during a bloomin’ zombie apocalypse would be Cristina Yang. Always rational and unsentimental for the most part, Cristina would keep herself and also everyone else together at such a tough time.

Cristina had demonstrated time and again that she can be in charge in dire circumstances. From successfully operating on and saving Derek’s life in season 6 to holding the little group together when it was devastated by the shocking plane crash in the season 8 finale, Cristina would be the first preference for any team if they planned to survive the zombie apocalypse.

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