Henrico Walgreens store named among top pharmacies in country for education

SingleCare, the prescription savings service, has announced that the Walgreens at 1798 North Parham Road has won the organization’s Best Pharmacy for Education award.  Pharmacists Charis Gregory and Michelle Dalton and their team of pharmacy technicians (Ginely De Jesus Rivera, Hussein Mohammed Ali, Terra Moses, and Cassie Maccauley) were recognized with the award thanks to customer testimonials praising their dedication in teaching patients about the immunizations they need.
The Walgreens pharmacy location serves 300 customers a day and runs numerous flu shot clinics each year in the community to help local employers keep staff healthy. During COVID-19, staff members have made an extra effort to make customers feel comfortable and safe by making prescriptions and non-pharmacy items available through the drive-thru.
“They help keep me up-to-date on all my shots, review and recommend any changes in CDC or Medicare injections, no problem with claims or any billing issues, and most of all, they are always glad to see you and you feel welcome, even like family at times,” one customer wrote.  “They know you and you get to know them.”
Another customer said, “The smiles, warm hellos and great service cannot be beat. In addition to smiles, I feel confident that the service and especially my needed injections as a senior to stay healthy. I can always count on my favorite store.”
“Just a great group of pharmacists and techs,” wrote a third customer. “And their drive-thru is just as busy as inside the store, however, they handle it well and keep on doing the best they can. They are essential.”

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