Marvel Just Brought a Famous Sorcerer Back From The Dead

Doctor Strange has faced many terrifying mystical threats in his day, but now he faces one so dreadful that he must resurrect a former Sorcerer Supreme to help! In Savage Avengers #12 – by writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), artist Adam Gorham (The New Mutants: Dead Souls) and color artist Java Tartaglia (Black Panther, Father’s Day) – Strange barters for the resurrection of none other than Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, a powerful magic user who once held the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

The Savage Avengers, consisting of Strange, Elektra and Conan, have been battling Kulan Gath, an evil sorcerer from Conan’s time period. Teaming up at one point with Doctor Doom, the team learns cannibalism is the source of Gath’s powers. Strange vows to defeat Gath for good and begins hatching a plan to do just that; the plan starts to come together in this issue, and resurrecting Doctor Voodoo is the first step.

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Arriving at the Swamps of Ogun, an area between life and death, Strange and Elektra meet up with Kalfu, a spirit from Haitian Vodou lore. Jericho Drumm is at Kalfu’s side. Strange makes it clear he has arrived to bargain for Drumm’s soul, but in order to do so he must make a sacrifice, and it turns out that sacrifice is Jericho’s brother Daniel, who is still alive. Kalfu, expecting a corpse and not a living person, refuses the deal until Elektra runs one of her sais through Daniel’s back, killing him. Now that Daniel is dead, the deal can go through, but Kalfu is still not pleased. Strange assures him if he is victorious, then Kalfu can have Kulan Goth to himself. If he loses, Kalfu can have his soul; Kalfu, although still suspicious, agrees and Doctor Voodoo returns to the land of the living.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Conan fends off attacks from people taken over by Gath. After swiftly repelling the evil sorcerer’s attacks, Strange and Elektra appear to him, and readers begin to see just what Strange is up to: he is creating a “war party” to take on Gath, and includes heavy hitters such as Wolverine, Magik, Damian Helstrom, Black Widow and the newly resurrected Doctor Voodoo!

In his capacity as Sorcerer Supreme, Strange has dealt with truly horrifying threats, and Gath ranks up there with the worst. Strange knows this, and the formidable team he is putting together reflects this. It is already enough to have the likes of Wolverine and Black Widow, but adding another powerful sorcerer like Voodoo demonstrates just how serious Strange is about defeating Gath. And taking into account that Voodoo is a rival of sorts for Strange, it shows that resolve to beat Gath even more. Fans will have to wait for Savage Avengers #13 to find out if Strange’s plan works.

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