Restaurant Watch

A look at how some Henrico restaurants fared on their most recent health department inspections.
SEPT. 10
Hyderabad Biryani House, 4040-H Cox Road – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: observed buckets in front of handsink by cookline and boxes in handsink by the dish machine; observed 0 ppm of sanitizer at the dish machine; rice, goat and chicken were found with elevated temperatures; observed cans of roach spray and syringes of a roach killing gel (pest control needs to be conducted by a professional); observed live roaches around the dish machine and small flies throughout the facility; containers of spices on cookline and dry storage area are not labeled; multiple lights are out over cookline and prep area; soap dispenser by dish machine handsink is inoperable; observed mold buildup on racks and fans in the walk-in; observed buildup of grime on gasket and outside of equipment; spray nozzle at sink is leaking; a leak in the walk-in is dripping into a container; observed dirt and food on the floor and walls behind equipment on cookline; sticky substance found on floor of dry storage area.
Maggiano’s Little Italy, 11800 W. Broad Street – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: an employee’s drink was stored next to food on the cookline; paper towels are missing at main bar handsink, upstairs bar and in the banquet room; hot water temperatures at handsink on service line and in the women’s restroom are below 100 degrees; soap is missing at upstairs bar and banquet room bar; observed an employee rinsing a spatula at handsink on the cookline (handsink is for handwashing only); handwash signage is not posted in the women’s restroom; observed dried milk on metal wand at espresso machine in the service station; observed debris on a colander above the three-compartment sink; elevated temperatures were observed in parmesan cheese, chicken, sausage, pasta, parm broth, roasted red peppers, canelli beans, bacon, butter, roasted mushrooms, beef broth, spinach, grilled onions, chicken wings, cooked broccoli, mozzarella and Caesar salad dressing; quaternary ammonium sanitizer levels at three-compartment sink and in sanibuckets is too high; observed spaghetti and eggplant sitting out at room temperature that was cooked 45 minutes to one hour prior; marinara, alfredo sauces, chopped clams, canelli beans and cooked potatoes were not cooled properly; observed wet nesting of metal pans on a clean rack next to the dish machine; observed spoons and forks stored uninverted in a container in upstairs bar; to-go boxes incorrectly stored on the floor in the storage area; observed uninverted to-go boxes in sauce storage area; racks next to three-compartment sink are rusty; low boy unit on cookline is not maintaining a low enough temperature; some light bulbs are not working at hood system on cookline; did not observe a high temperature testing device; observed debris on convection oven, prep area oven, hood filter on cookline, dishes on a shelf in service line, in utensil container, inside of can opener holder, on racks in the dish area, in between and under equipment, on wheels of equipment, on top dish machine, top of knife holder at service station and on soda gun holder at bars; observed grease on pipes on the cookline; observed leak from faucet at prep sink and at handsink near dish machine; observed a trash bag tied to pipes underneath the three-compartment sink in dish area due to a leak; observed cracked ceiling tiles above service station and deteriorating ceiling tiles above dish machine; observed cracked and missing light shields; floors, walls and ceilings throughout the kitchen are stained and dirty; observed dust on fanguards in walk-in cooler; floors in all bar areas have debris.
SEPT. 15
Quality Inn, 5240 Airport Square Lane – No violations reported during a routine inspection.
El Nopal II Inc., 5205 S. Laburnum Avenue – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: observed lettuce, chips, taco shells, cut veggies, raw meats and cooked meats in units and out on prep units are not covered; chlorine ppm at dish machine is too low; observed lettuce, cheese and pico in low boy across from cookline with elevated temperatures.
Sgt. Pepper’s Lakeside, 5607 Lakeside Avenue – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: sausage and chicken in prep unit have elevated temperatures; can opener blade is soiled; mopsink with hose attachment below flood rim is missing a backflow device.
Arvenezuela, 9020-D Quioccasin Road – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: no certified food protection manager certificate; observed person in charge not wash his hands after adjusting mask and then starting to prepare food; observed debris on knives, grater and utensils on clean rack shelf and at three-compartment sink in dish area; chili (hot sauce oil) made in the morning found at an improper temperature in sauce bottles in reach-in unit; pasta on stove was not hot enough; chicken, cheese, ham, milk and sausage found with elevated temperatures in reach-in unit; TCS foods tightly packed in reach-in unit which doesn’t allow proper circulation; observed multiple small flies on onions and near three-compartment sink; observed wet nesting of plastic lexan pans on shelf next to three-compartment sink; plates on a table on cook line are uninverted; sandwich unit is not working; observed discolored quaternary ammonium test strip at three-compartment sink; observed debris in between equipment on cook line, on bottom of freezers in reach-in unit, on clean rack and in utensil container at sink, on shelves near dish area, outside of equipment on a shelf above middle prep table and under fryer on cook line; observed leak from under faucet nozzle at three-compartment sink; observed chipping paint on walls and holes in the ceiling throughout the facility; ceiling tiles are not propped in place; debris found on floors, especially under shelf in the dish area; walls are stained.
SEPT. 16
Tip Thai, 8131 Staples Mill Road – The following violations were reported during a follow-up inspection: cutting boards have deep scratches; metal racks in the walk-in are rusty; observed a piece of unsealed wood at the dish rack; observed leak under the dish area hand sink; observed discolored ceiling tiles; dish area wall has chipped/cracking paint.
SEPT. 18
Domino’s Pizza, 11442 W. Broad Street – No violations reported during a routine inspection.
Virginia Barbeque Company, 6920-E Lakeside Avenue – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: observed potato salad in prep unit with an elevated temperature; mopsink with hose attachment under constant pressure is missing a sufficient backflow device.
JS Lakeside Tavern, 5406 Lakeside Avenue – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: no supervisor or manager are certified food protection managers; sanitizer solution at three-compartment sink at the bar doesn’t have enough bleach; observed dried food debris on cornstarch spice containers and inside keg cooler; observed dust on portable fan; outside surfaces of fryers, stove and shelves are dirty and greasy; observed leak under three-compartment sink; food, grease and grime found on floors under fryers and three-compartment sink at the bar; observed unused and broken items in the kitchen.

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