Star Wars: Kelly Marie Tran Open to Rose Return Under the Right Conditions

Kelly Marie Tran would be open to reprising Star Wars’ Rose Tico under the right conditions. Tran debuted as the character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and found herself to be the subject of intense criticism. The Finn/Rose storyline in The Last Jedi received a lot of fan backlash, including unnecessarily hateful comments directed towards Tran. As a result, the actress left social media, and members of the Star Wars community rallied to show Tran support. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams even took the time to thank Rian Johnson for casting Tran in the sequel trilogy.

Those hoping Tran had a big role in The Rise of Skywalker were very disappointed when Rose had only 76 seconds of screen time in the entire movie. After she played such a key part in The Last Jedi, it was frustrating for many to see her marginalized in the trilogy finale. Crazy Rich Asians director John M. Chu was among those upset and volunteered to make a Rose TV show for Disney+. It’s something Tran would be up for, so long as things broke a certain way.

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Speaking with Collider about her role in Hulu’s Monsterland, Tran was asked about Chu’s pitch and her possible Star Wars future. She said that it was “fun” to be involved with the franchise, but the situation would have to be just right in order for her to sign on for a TV show:

He’s so cool. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. It’s so strange. I had so much fun being in that world but I feel like the pieces would have to fall into a perfect little puzzle and everything would have to feel like it’s the right time and the right moment and the right story, like with any other project. But I don’t know.

In the wake of The Rise of Skywalker, sequel trilogy stars John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have expressed their desire to not return to Star Wars, and Daisy Ridley isn’t sure if she’ll play Rey again. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tran is in the same boat. While it’s smart of her to not completely close the book on coming back, it also doesn’t appear to be a priority for Tran. This is understandable on a few levels. For starters, Tran is probably interested in broadening her horizons as an actress, looking for opportunities to play different characters now that she’s done with Star Wars movies. Additionally, Boyega has been vocal about his displeasure over the way Finn and other POC characters were handled in the sequel trilogy. It’s possible Tran feels similarly about Rose and would prefer to just move on from the franchise and get out of that spotlight.

Of course, even if Tran was enthusiastically interested in playing Rose again, it doesn’t necessarily Lucasfilm would feel the same way. The studio already has a full plate of Star Wars TV shows in the works, including more seasons of The Mandalorian, the Rogue One prequel, and an Obi-Wan Kenobi series. They’re also working on a Star Wars show set in a different era, so there doesn’t appear to be space for a Rose show as well. That could change down the line, and it’s always possible the sequel trilogy characters have their stories continue in other canon materials, but for now, viewers shouldn’t get their hopes up to see more of Rey, Finn, Poe, or Rose in the near future.

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