The most expensive dog breeds could set you back over £15,000 during their lifetimes

Maybe you can put a price on love (Picture: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)Thinking of getting a dog?

It’s important to consider the financial implications of owning a pooch as there are a wide array of costs associated with having a pet.

While things like getting insurance and food are a given, it also turns out that some breeds are just more expensive to have than others.

Netvouchercodes has taken a close look at 42 of the UK’s most popular dog breeds.

As an example, the most expensive pooch is the Standard Poodle, which could set you back a tidy £18,700 during its lifetime.

The company came to this conclusion by weighing up the cost of feeding, insuring and grooming Poodles over their average lifespan, as well as day-to-day accessory and equipment costs.

She’s feeling expensive (Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)Saint Bernards are quite expensive too, as owners should expect to shell out over £17,500 for these giant hairy babies in their lifetimes.

Chow Chows aren’t very far behind at a lifetime cost of over £15,400.

On the flip-side, the cheapest breeds to own in 2020 include Patterdales, Jack Russells, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

These breeds tend to live to 13 to 14 years on average and cost between around £7000-£8000 through that time.

On average, getting a dog can cost £2,030 in the first year when they’re a puppy and roughly £850 every year after that.

One way what you can reduce this amount is by adopting rather than shopping, since choosing a needy pup in search of a home is far cheaper than buying from a breeder.

On top of that, purebred dogs often have specific health problems associated with their breed.

For example, Peta lists typical Poodle issues as:

Progressive vision lossSeizuresDiabetesA collapsing tracheaAside from the fact that health problems in dogs are expensive, you’ll want your four-legged friend to be with you for as many years as possible.

So if you’re considering buying a dog, why not have a look for a mix or a happy little mutt at your local shelter?

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