Watch The Boys’ Karen Fukuhara Do Her Own Stunts in Impressive BTS Video

The Boys Karen Fukuhara does her own stunts in an impressive behind-the-scenes video. Fukuhara plays Kimiko in the hit Amazon Prime series. Season 2 has explored more of Kimiko’s past, and how it plays into her future. The season 2 finale airs Friday, October 9th.

When Billy Butcher and the Boys found Kimiko in season 1, she was extremely violent due to years of trauma and being turned into a “supe” against her will. Season 2 saw Kimiko finally starting to open up to the group on her own terms, and she was overjoyed to be reunited with her brother Kenji, the only person who understood and could speak to her in Kimiko’s sign language. Her joy is short-lived when she discovers that Kenji genuinely believed in the terrorist organization that kidnapped them both when they were young. After Stormfront brutally murders Kenji, Kimiko copes by becoming an assassin for hire. Episode seven, “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker,” had Kimiko finally start teaching Frenchie her sign language, with her teaching him the word for “gun.” Ironically, Kimiko is probably one of the last characters on the show who would need a gun during a fight, given how skilled she is in hand-to-hand combat.

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In a cool behind-the-scenes video she posted on Instagram, Karen Fukuhara demonstrates that she is just as capable as Kimiko when it comes to doing her own stunts. Fukuhara practices what she calls the “Black Widow” stunt from season 2, episode 5. She also posted a video of the final stunt as it appeared on the show.

It’s great to see Fukuhara complete such a difficult stunt on her own fully in character and then smile at the end. It’s hard to imagine hearing Kimiko say, “Yay, we did it,” but it just demonstrates how Fukuhara effortlessly embodies the more withdrawn and serious Kimiko. Season 2 has done a good job of expanding Kimiko’s backstory beyond a bloodthirsty silent killer. Kimiko’s relationship with Frenchie has also evolved, showing another aspect of Kimiko that humanizes her.

Still, there’s a question that’s weighed heavily throughout the season: will Kimiko accomplish what appears to be her number one goal and kill Stormfront in revenge for her brother’s murder? It’s definitely going to be tough to achieve, especially because Stormfront has Homelander by her side. However, Kimiko landing the killing blow to Stormfront would be poetic justice, although if there’s one thing The Boys has shown episode after episode, it’s that the good guys don’t always get justice no matter how hard they try. However, if there’s one person that deserves one iota of happiness in The Boys, it’s Kimiko.

There’s only one more episode left of The Boys season 2. While it’s highly unlikely that every question season 2 has asked will be answered in the season finale, hopefully Kimiko can get some sense of closure. Nothing is ever as it seems in The Boys, but Karen Fukuhara does a fantastic job of portraying the dynamic Kimiko without a single word.

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