China panic: Shanghai airport frenzy as ‘thousands forced to quarantine’ amid Covid cases

CHINA has enforced the immediate quarantine of thousands of people at Pudong Airport in Shanghai as medics in bio-hazard suits push angry crowds down into a car park area for mass testing.

One Twitter user, the political artist Badiucao, said: “It is reported that after two COVID-19 positive cases were found in Shanghai Pudong airport about 14 thousand people are forced to be in quarantine now.” Authorities have begun compulsory coronavirus tests for every arriving passenger at Shanghai Pudong Airport today, with video images being released of masses of people being pushed into testing areas.

Pudong airport in Shanghai  covid19

Another Twitter user said: “Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

“Sudden announcement of mass Covid tests and containment.

“The atmosphere is boiling hot.

“However, rumour says they cancelled the mandatory massive test out of fear of turmoil.”

Because some airport workers have tested positive, masses of people are not being allowed to leave the building and an area of confinement has been allocated.

The news comes after a worker from the cargo terminal tested positive for COVID-19.

One Shanghai citizen tweeted: “After Pudong Airport, Shanghai South Railway Station has now also begun to be blocked.

“Is the whole of Shanghai really going to fall?”

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