How to Unlock Operator Zeyna in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Operator Zeyna is one of the new Operatives available in COD: Black Ops Cold War. This guide will show how players can unlock them. The first season of COD: Black Ops Cold War is finally here with tons of new content. For starters, players can jump into the battle pass and unlock skins and perks upon completing challenges and winning games. The first bit of the battle pass is completely free while the later challenges require players to pay for it. Regardless, new maps have been made available in the game, including a mall with various shops, arcades, and food courts. Operator Zeyna is one of the unlockable characters this season. This guide will show how players can unlock them.

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Operators are the characters from previous entries of the Call of Duty series that players can play as during the multiplayer mode. This includes characters like Operator Woods, who originated from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Operators are split into two categories, NATO and Warsaw Pact. Depending on what side the player is on during a given match, defines what character the player will take control of during said match. New Operators are a part of the new content available in season 1. Here’s how players can unlock one of the newest Operators, Zeyna.

Operator Zeyna is one of the characters that players can use their COD Points to unlock. At this time, Operator Zeyna is not available as an unlockable character but will be available before February, which marks the end of the season. Players will be able to pick up their entire pack that comes along with a slew of content. Along with Operator Zeyna, players will also receive:

  • The Cleaver Blueprint
  • The Scalpel Blueprint
  • Finishing Touch Blueprint
  • Scoreboard Accessory
  • Big Stick Finishing Move
  • Micro Bully Charm
  • 1 Tier Skip for the Battle Pass

Players should check in the store often until Operator Zeyna is available as an unlockable character. As the content will be distributed slowly throughout the rest of the season, the best thing to do to occupy your time is to try and level up the Battle Pass.

COD: Black Ops Cold War is one of the best Call of Duty experiences in years. Not only does it come along with a robust story, engaging zombie mode, and competitive multiplayer, but it also allows players from all corners of the gaming world to play together in a single lobby. Whether it by PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, all players can come together to prove their dominance. It is one of the best in the series to date.

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COD: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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