How To Use Google To Try Beauty Products Before Buying

Since shopping online is widely regarded as the preferred method of gift buying this year, Google has partnered with ModiFace and Perfect Corp to introduce new features to help with beauty product purchases. In the past, things like makeup have generally been among the harder purchases to make online, considering most people prefer to try these products out before buying them. With these new tools, Google is attempting to bridge that particular online shopping gap.

ModiFace is a company that specializes in designing augmented reality solutions and specifically for beauty brands, while Perfect Corp similarly combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence tech to aid the online shopping experience with makeup and other beauty-based items. This partnership comes at a time when more than 73-percent of U.S. shoppers have considered making online purchases, according to Google. With that in mind, the arrangement between these three brands results in the ability to not only search for beauty products, but also see what they look like on a range of skin tones.

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To virtually try makeup products, users just need to search for the item they’re considering in the Google search bar on Android devices or in the Google app for those on iOS. As soon as they find the product – and as long as it supports the feature – they will see a tab in the Overview section that can toggle through each shade or color that’s available, and see how it looks on skin tones that match their own complexion. For supported products, users will also be able to tap a “Try it On” button to use their own phone camera and audition different colors on themselves. They can also scroll through the Discover Feed in the app or use Google Shopping to see recommendations from beauty experts about products they might be interested in. For now, only certain brands support the new virtual features, such as Black Opal, Charlotte Tillbury, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal and MAC Cosmetics.

On the surface, these new tools seem like a great addition to shopping for beauty products online. The idea of being able to match different colors and shades to specific skin tones and gather a visual idea of how they would look before buying is a potential game-changer for many shoppers. In addition, getting extra input from experts in the beauty field will surely help many shoppers decide on the right makeup, lipstick or other beauty product for them.

That said, it’s safe to say that the ability to try on beauty products virtually is not yet a perfect science. These products may still look different in real life than they do in the augmented reality technology put forth by Google and its partner companies. Not to mention, the way this works doesn’t help with how the products feel and that’s likely to be as important to some beauty shoppers as how they look. Still, the option to at least take part in a virtual Google makeover will be extremely helpful for many, even if it doesn’t always look perfect at the end of the day.

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