Indiana Pacers Exec Donnie Walsh Announces His Retirement

Longtime Indiana Pacers executive and NBA fixture Donnie Walsh is set to transition to the next phase of his life. The 79-year-old — who famously drafted future Hall of Famer Reggie Miller in 1987 and was the architect behind a number of the franchise’s winningest squads — told The Indianapolis Star that he is stepping down from his post.

“I’m getting older and don’t have the energy,” Walsh said. “It’s a young man’s sport.”

He further revealed that he intends to shift his focus from basketball to his family.

“This job has always occupied a great deal of my time. The Pacers were always in my head. This gives me an opportunity to pay attention to my children, my grandchildren and my wife (Judy) of 58 years.”

Although Walsh previously stepped down from his role as team president more than seven years ago, he had continued to serve in the Pacers’ front office in an advisory capacity and was a regular attendee of games.

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