Larsa Pippen & Malik Beasley Get Cozy at His 24th Birthday Party

Near the end of November, Malik celebrated his 24th birthday. Recently, photos of the occasion were revealed and they showed Larsa Pippen getting cozy with her new boo. 

On November 23rd, Larsa Pippen was spotted holding hands with Malik Beasley in a Miami mall. This was the first time the couple was seen publicly together. Fans were, and still are, shocked by their relationship because Malik is still married to his wife, Montana Yao. Reportedly, Yao filed for divorce the same day she saw the photos of Malik with Larsa. The married couple share a 1-year-old son together. Based on what Montana shared on Instagram, she’s just as blindsided by Beasley’s new relationship as we are. “Wow… I don’t even know this man..this is wild y’all I’m seeing it for the time just like y’all,” Yao wrote. The next day, Pippen wrote on her Instagram Story, “Don’t always trust what you see on social media. Even salt looks like sugar.” 

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Malik’s birthday is on November 26 and he celebrated in an affectionate way with Larsa. This year, Beasley turned 24 whereas Pippen is currently 46, as reported by ET Online. The couple was photographed on a yacht in Miami. In one of the photos, Larsa laid on Malik’s tummy while he smiled and put up a peace sign. In another picture, Beasley kisses Pippen on the forehead while she hugs him. Larsa wore a hot pink, strapless bodycon dress with hoop earrings and a sparkly necklace. Malik wore a black hoodie with light jeans and a gold and black headband. 

After the initial drama, there continued to be unfinished business between Larsa and Montana. “Don’t judge me until you know me. Don’t underestimate me until you challenge me. And don’t talk about me until you’ve talked to me,” Pippen wrote on Instagram not too long ago. Yao also had unsaid words, “Things have been pretty rough I’m not going to lie. We were told to leave our family home 10 days ago and just like you all I’m pretty confused. There has been no private or public addressing of the situation nor any type of apology.” Montana said that she would disclose information if she received it and thought it was permissible to share. She added, “I mainly wanted to say, I have never received so many kind words of encouragement and love, and it has really held me up to be strong for not only myself, but more importantly for my son.” 

Malik is young, wealthy and obviously hasn’t learned how to properly manage his problems head on yet. Just like everyone involved, we don’t know much about why Malik left Montana for Larsa. All we know is that it’s happened and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. 

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Source: ET Online

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