Mario Is The Most Obvious Impostor Ever In Among Us Fan-Made Crossover

Among Us fans have taken it upon themselves to make some pretty interesting fan-made art and videos, and this new one featuring Mario is just the tipping point. Since its rise to the top of the gaming charts in 2020, fans of the game have done so much to share their love for it, and that has been including multiple different types of crossovers between other forms of media.

The popular mobile game had a rise of fame around the end of August and has since become a common way for friends who are separated to play. No one has to be a gamer to do it either – just know how to walk and how to type, which is a reason why it had become so favored for possible multiplayer games to play. Not only has the game won a couple of awards, but fans have also shown their adoration for it as well through fan-made crossovers. This has been done in so many ways, from making 3D renderings of the game if it made the update to 3D animation instead of 2D, as well as creating art that makes the skins of the crewmates resemble The Mandalorian characters. No matter what, Among Us has solidified itself as the perfect crossover aspect.

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A new crossover has emerged recently, with the age-old video game character himself, Mario, as the lead imposter. The video, titled “Super Among Us Bros” and posted on Reddit by user u/cashsonny, shows the old version of Mario popping up out of vents, collecting coins, eating mushrooms to become bigger, and, of course, killing other crewmates so that he can win. All of which is themed to the classic Mario music in the background, but when Mario goes in for the kill, viewers can still hear the regular killing sounds that the imposter makes. It’s almost like the perfect blend of retro and modern gaming, and it shows that truly any character can be sus.

The Super Mario franchise just recently had a massive year, celebrating its 35th anniversary, so coupling the plumber with the year’s most popular game is probably a safe bet when assessing potential virality potential. While there have been plenty of other crossovers recently, even someone recreating Among Us characters as a Super Smash Bros. character, this surely takes the cake as one of the most creative ways of showing a fondness for both of those games.

Among Us will be coming out with a new map in early 2021 that will be a collaboration with Henry Stickman, and it already looks amazing. Who’s to say that maybe all these fan crossovers might give companies some ideas? It would be pretty interesting to see a crewmate dressed up as Mario going around killing people, but only time will tell.

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Source: Reddit

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