Most-read Sean Keeler columns of 2020, from Mel Tucker to Phillip Lindsay

Here’s a look back at The Denver Post’s top 10 most popular Sean Keeler columns of 2020, as determined by our readers.

10. Drew Lock didn’t just outduel Justin Herbert. He just might’ve saved the Broncos’ season.

Published Nov. 1, 2020. “Justin Herbert is a freak. He also had Keenan Allen, a three-time Pro Bowler, lurking on one side. And 6-foot-4 Mike Williams on the other. Drew Lock had two rookies. And DaeSean Hamilton.

“Man, they needed this. He needed this.”

9. Will Broncos stick a fork in Phillip Lindsay? Not if he’s got anything to say about it.

Published Sept. 14, 2020. “Go on. Write him off. The way you wrote Phillip Lindsay off when he blew out his knee at Denver South. The way you wrote him off at CU. The way you wrote him off when 32 NFL teams turned their backs on him during the 2018 draft. The way you wrote him off when the Broncos signed him anyway.”

8. When it comes to COVID-19, the CU Buffs get it. Nebraska’s Cornhuskers? Not so much.

Published Aug. 12, 2020. “Feels like a wake, doesn’t it? A toast to the grown-ups in the room, most of whom could probably use a stiff drink right about now anyway. None of this is good, even if much of it was necessary.

“A toast to CU Buffs alums and faithful. Mourn. Grieve. We’re right there with you. Nobody was openly rooting for the Buffs not to play football this fall when the word finally came down Tuesday from Mount Larry. Or for Tad Boyle’s men’s basketball program, with all that unfinished business, to be forced to cool its collective heels until after Christmas. But here we are.”

7. If Drew Lock can’t outduel Justin Herbert, the Broncos are in trouble

Published Oct. 26, 2020. “If this past Sunday was about the ceiling, the next one’s about the floor. Broncos quarterback Drew Lock getting outplayed by Patrick Mahomes is a pain. Drew Lock getting outplayed by Justin Herbert is a problem.

“Kansas City 43, Denver 16 was a snowball to the face of just how far the gap remains between the Broncos and the defending Super Bowl champs. No matter what Broncos left tackle Garett Bolles thinks.”

6. Mel Tucker played CU Buffs, Pac-12, Larry Scott for chumps

Published Feb. 12, 2020. “Midnight Mel charmed the pants off us. That might explain, in part, the mix of rage and sadness as the realization rose with the dawn.

“We got played. All of us. CU, especially. The Buffs were a stepping stone. A leverage ploy.”

5. Why Broncos rookie KJ Hamler would’ve had Henry Ruggs eating his dust

Published April 29, 2020. “Dude’s always been a step ahead. Or six. As a 4-year-old, Kahlee Jacoby Hamler and mother, Latonya Gooding, were visiting his grandma one day when Mom turned her head for a second. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw little KJ zoom out of the backyard, then take a quick right onto the sidewalk, all without breaking stride.”

4. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are going to have to outscore teams. Because Nuggets just lost three of their best defenders.

Published Nov. 21, 2020. “After the bonkers opening hours of free agency, the 2020-21 Nuggets look like they’re going to have to outscore the snot out of people at altitude, like the Michael Adams and Orlando Woolridge days of old.

“(Remember the winter of 1990-91? The Nuggs, in Westhead’s first wacky season as coach, scored 119.9 points per contest. They also gave up 130.8 points a tilt and wound up 20-62, the worst record in the West. Although it also helped ‘em land Dikembe Mutombo with the No. 4 pick of the ’91 NBA Draft, so there’s that.)”

3. If Washington can bury the Redskins name, why is Lamar still standing by its Savages?

Published July 26, 2020. “It’s 2020. Time to bury the hatchets, don’t you think? And the teepees. And the war paint. And the headdresses. And the stereotypes.

“If Washington’s NFL team figures it’s no longer cool to be called ‘The Redskins,’ then why does Lamar High School think that combining caricatures of indigenous people, human beings, with the term “Savages” is somehow above reproach?”

2. Phillip Lindsay or Pat Shurmur? One of them’s got to go, John Elway. Because this Broncos offense is heading nowhere fast.

Published Nov. 16, 2020. “One has to go.

“Phillip Lindsay and Pat Shurmur cannot co-exist. Not in this offense. Not in this universe. Not this fall.”

1. Jerry Jeudy tweets a good game, but his hands don’t back it up. And it’s making John Elway and Drew Lock look like chumps.

Published Dec. 27, 2020. “With 30 seconds to go, Jeudy, poetically, had the ball in his hands. On target No. 15 of the afternoon, Lock spotted No. 10 coming open across the middle of the field on second-and-10 with 35 seconds left, Broncos down three. Firing from his own 25, Lock dropped a dime in front of two closing L.A. defenders near the Chargers 30.

“Jeudy dropped that one, too.”

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