NBA Rumors: Sixers Could Swap Tobias Harris For Victor Oladipo Or Kevin Love Before 2021 Trade Deadline

After successfully getting rid of Al Horford in the 2020 offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers are expected to find ways to dump Tobias Harris and massive contract next. With his inability to efficiently co-exist with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in the City of Brother Love, most people believe that the Sixers are better off moving Harris before the 2021 trade deadline. In a recent article, Harrison Grimm of SB Nation’s Liberty Ballers talked about Harris and his future in Philadelphia.

Grimm agreed that the Sixers should try finding Harris a new home before the 2021 trade deadline. He also suggested that Philadephia may consider engaging in a blockbuster deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers or Indiana Pacers that would enable them to swap Harris for Kevin Love or Victor Oladipo. Love and Oladipo would undeniably be intriguing replacements for Harris.

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