The Family Chantel: What Happened To Nicole Jimeno After Season 2?

The second season of The Family Chantel recently came to an end. Nicole Jimeno was a big part of the latest season’s plot, but what is she up to now? 

The second season of The Family Chantel gave more insight into other members of the Everett-Jimeno family, particularly Nicole Jimeno. A major storyline of the second season was Nicole’s new romance with Alejandro Padron. Alejandro is originally from the Dominican Republic as well, but currently lives in New York City. Shockingly, he is still married to his ex, but claims he is trying to finalize the divorce. As you can imagine, this tidbit of information caused a lot of drama. Lidia, Nicole and Pedro’s mom, was also highlighted this season, primarily for her dislike of Alejandro. At one point, she kicked him out of her home because she disliked him so much. At the end of the season, Alejandro attended the annual Carnival with Nicole, where he gave her a promise ring. Nicole accepted the ring and said she wanted her brother and mother “to see how beautiful” the relationship is. While this might seem like an engagement, it’s not because Alejandro is still married. 

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Following the second season of The Family Chantel, Nicole and Alejandro are still together. Nicole routinely posts pictures of her and Alejandro on Instagram. Many of the photos were taken in New York City, which means Nicole continues to visit Alejandro from Atlanta. At one point, she mentioned wanting to move in with Alejandro, but it’s unclear if that has happened yet. Nicole is known for maintaining a lot of privacy in her life. On Alejandro’s Instagram, there are no pictures of Nicole. Also on Nicole’s Instagram, she shared bikini selfies that had fans wondering if she got breast implants (via Soap Dirt). Her chest is noticeably larger in a selfie with the caption, “I miss you baby,” directed at none other than Alejandro. He commented back, “I miss you too mi amor.” Nicole hasn’t confirmed or denied the allegations, but it’s not surprising if she did get enhancements, considering how many TLC stars do.

In addition to being a reality TV star, Nicole has participated in a few pageants. In 2016, she competed in and won the Miss Earth Dominican Republic Pageant. Since moving to the United States, it doesn’t look like Nicole has done any more pageants. She’s also educated, as she graduated from the Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo, but her major is unknown. It appears that The Family Chantel and her relationship with Alejandro have been her focus because she’s not working at the moment either. 

During the second season of The Family Chantel, Nicole was focused on Alejandro and that appears to still be the case. The power of young love is real! Hopefully, Nicole is able to move in with Alejandro soon so they can take the next step in their relationship. 

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