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Salvation just came for the Suicide Squad from the ranks of DC Comics’ highest pantheon. The Suicide Squad of 2020, aka the Revolutionaries, have overcome the odds through close teamwork, winning hearts, and heroic sacrifices. When all seemed lost in Suicide Squad #11, luck was finally on their side when one of the New Gods intervened.

Suicide Squad #11 is written by Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo, color by Adriano Lucas, and lettering by Wes Abbott. It’s the final issue of the series’ 2019-2020 run, which kicked off with the addition of an entire team of original characters to the Squad. The Revolutionaries are radical anti-government supervillains conscripted by a shadowy group that ousted Amanda Waller, resulting in a team of uneasy Suicide Squad veterans like Harley Quinn and Deadshot forced to work with a found family of activists they’d captured in the first place.

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After the bloody battle that first conscripted the Revolutionaries, one of the first casualties of the new Suicide Squad was Jog, aka Samuel Song, a seemingly low-powered speedster from Cameroon. Jog’s super-speed was limited to short bursts, hence the understated name. When the Suicide Squad rebelled against their handlers, Jog pushed his power to the limit to rapidly extract and disarm the bombs from each Squad member, but he exhausted before he could handle his own bomb. Jog died to save his team, leaving them to deal with the schemes masterminded by Task Force X, the shadowy government agency that runs Suicide Squad. That battle led Harley Quinn and the team to the climactic final issue of the 2019 series, Suicide Squad #11. The rogue special ops group recovered TNTeen, one of the Revolutionaries who had been abducted as a living bomb by Task Force X. But she couldn’t stop herself from detonating in front of them, leaving the team facing down an explosion that would kill them all. As issue 11 opens, it seems hopeless, but one lost team member stirs in the morgue. Jog awakens to find himself resurrected and sitting before the Black Racer.

The Black Racer is part of the New Gods mythos, a set of worlds and characters created by Jack Kirby in 1970. The Black Racer is the New God of death, powerful enough to kill Darkseid himself but requiring a mortal host. The Black Racer flies on cosmic-powered skis, making him fast enough to outrun The Flash, but acts more as a harbinger of death to come than a direct participant in the war between the gods. In this case, however, he has stranger news to bring: Jog is his son, and now that the speedster has died as a human, he can revive as a demigod with his full potential unlocked. Jog uses his newfound death-god speed to race across the world and deliver the entire Suicide Squad from danger.

As this era of Suicide Squad comes to a close, it’s unexpected that the series’ biggest cliffhanger would resolve with a fairly straightforward deus ex machina—a god appearing out of nowhere and another teammate becoming a god just in the nick of time. But Taylor and Redondo’s Suicide Squad has been a story about acting according to principle even against overwhelming authoritarian force. After everything that was taken from the team by senseless bad luck, maybe it’s only fair that fortune smiles on them in the end.

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